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Combination Credit

Flexible borrowing up to € 150,000

Our combination credit is a loan especially for people between 21 and 64 years old with a high borrowing requirement. This loan form has the best of several loans in one combined loan: the security of a personal loan and the flexibility of a revolving credit or a combination of several personal loans from different banks. Thanks to this combination credit, you can borrow higher amounts at more favorable terms or conditions because the loans are taken out with several banks and thus the risk for these banks is spread. This translates into lower interest rates. Borrowing money when you are young or have a home also means a lower interest rate.

Advantages of a combination credit

  • More options: loan amount between € 50,000 and € 150,000 possible
  • At the best interest
  • Favorable terms
  • With the security of a personal loan
  • Or the flexibility of a revolving credit

From the personal loan of the combination credit, you repay a fixed amount every month and thanks to the revolving credit you always have enough money on hand and you can absorb fluctuations in your liquidity by taking back what you have already repaid.

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Lower interest rates

We place the loans from the combination credit combined with several banks. Thanks to this risk spreading, we can offer you a lower interest rate for your loan. The bank is not responsible for the entire loan amount, but shares this risk with other banks that have also placed part of the loan. That is why the maximum loan amount per application is between € 50,000- € 150,000. With most other lenders, the maximum loan amount is a lot lower.

Better conditions

The combination credit has a fixed and variable term. For the personal loan, you determine in advance how quickly you will pay off the loan. The revolving credit has no fixed term. You repay part of the combination credit in a fixed number of months and you repay the other part when you want. This way you can be sure that you pay off the loan, but you always have extra money on hand. Thanks to the risk spreading of the loan, the conditions are favorable for you. If you choose our combination credit, which consists of several personal loans, the term of all loans is fixed.

Our combination credit is often applied for to finance a recreation object such as a holiday home , (mobile) caravan , camper , chalet or bungalow.

Calculate your loan amount and request a quote

Via the module below you can calculate the amount you can borrow via our combination credit. You can then easily request a no-obligation quote online . You will receive an overview from us of the options of at least five banks and then choose the best offer and determine which loan amount is placed with which bank. We will then arrange the rest for you. Online and free.

Repay penalty free

You can always repay without penalty

Variable and fixed interest

Flexibility and security in one loan.

Fixed and flexible term

Extra money in reserve and monthly repayments.

Security and flexibility

Combination of a Personal Loan and Revolving Credit.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Low interest

A combination credit is often placed with several banks, which means less risk for the bank and a lower interest rate for you.

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