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Everything you need to know to borrow money well-informed online.

Borrow cheap money

You do not just borrow money. A loan is something that you have to think carefully about. After all, you are entering into a financial obligation, often for a longer period. That is why it is important that you are well informed before applying for a loan . So that you know which loan best suits your personal situation and your wishes and you take out a responsible loan.

How does it work?

Taking out a loan through Snaploan Online takes place completely online. So you can compare multiple banks at home and take out a loan in peace.

Taking out a loan is done in 4 steps.

  1. Choose the loan that suits your situation.
  2. Request your quote without obligation.
  3. Compare the offer of our partner banks (including DEFAM and Interbank ) and choose the offer that suits your needs.
  4. Complete your application in the secure My SNLO environment. The Nederlandse Krediet Maatschappij will then process your application further.

We ensure that the loan is paid out within 2 working days .

Read more about our working method .

We work on an execution only basis . This means that we only mediate between you and our partner banks. Without advice and without extra costs.

Loan Guide

To find out which loan is most suitable for your wishes and personal situation, use our online loan guide . The loan guide helps you to make a choice for the most suitable loan form. Choose the loan that suits you!

Types of Loans

Which loan form best suits your situation? This can only be determined if you know the difference between the different loan forms. We list them for you:

Personal loan

With a personal loan, you will receive the loan amount in one go into your account. You repay this loan in fixed monthly installments. The interest rate and term are predetermined. So you know exactly where you stand in advance. A personal loan is a safe and secure form of borrowing money. With us you can always make extra repayments on your personal loan without penalty.

More information about a personal loan .

Revolving credit

You can also opt for a revolving credit. This loan is flexible, you can withdraw and pay off money whenever you want. You can withdraw the money that you have repaid with a revolving credit. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. The interest and term are variable with a revolving credit.

More information about a revolving credit .

Combination credit

A combination credit is for people who would like to borrow a higher amount, for example € 150,000. This loan form combines several loans with each other, for example a revolving credit with a personal loan or multiple personal loans from different banks.

By making this risk spread, you can borrow at the best conditions and the lowest interest rates.

More information about the combination credit .

Loan for home owners

If you own a home, you can usually borrow at an extra low interest rate. The bank offers you a lower interest rate, because your own home gives the bank more security. Even if you have a temporary contract, as a home owner you have more loan options.

Are you using the loan to renovate your owner-occupied home? Then you can deduct the interest from the tax and thus benefit from a tax benefit !

Transfer loan

If you already have one or more loans, merging them can yield a considerable saving when you refinance your loan (s) . In addition, you make it a lot clearer for yourself and therefore more responsible. This way you benefit from a lower interest rate and better conditions.

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