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Finding the best wholesale home accessories can be a challenge at times. You are looking for high quality items that are unique and interesting, but not always easy to find. Finding the right wholesale products takes a lot of research, especially to source quality products.

In this article, we’re going to break down how to find home accessories and look at the best home accessories suppliers to help your business grow.

How to find home accessories suppliers

When looking for suppliers of home accessories, everything revolves around strategy and looking at different channels. Ideally, you are looking for sellers with a wide variety of products and styles who are constantly adding new products to their catalogs. By working with a few different vendors, you’ll have more opportunities to explore and offer customers.

To find home accessories suppliers, you can start with Google searches and online marketplaces. You can rate them based on the range of products on offer, prices, and shipping options to your destination to find the best option for you.

Most websites offer some type of free shipping or discounted shipping based on order size, but it’s always good to double-check before placing an order.

12 best wholesale home textile suppliers who sell quality products for your business

To help you find it, we have rounded up some of the best home accessories suppliers who sell amazing wholesale products including home accessories and unique decorations that your customers will love. If you’re starting or already have a home staging business, these great resources are available for you.

1st fair

Faire is one of the best marketplaces online if you are looking for wholesale suppliers for small business and business farmhouses. They have a huge selection of products including wooden signs, table linen, tea towels, throw pillows, candles, coasters, collectibles and other gift items. If you are looking for truly unique products with a wide price range for your shop, Faire should be your first port of call. It’s one of the best sites for finding home accessories from around the world that are designed with love and integrity.

2. CTW Home Collection

CTW Home Collection sells farmhouse decoration gifts and has a wide variety of new products to choose from. CTW Home Collection is also one of the best furniture wholesalers so you can find many different items to choose from. You can find fun products like lanterns, candle holders, table items, and more in many different styles with inexpensive shipping options.

3. Creative co-op

Perhaps a little less traditional than some of the other options on this list, Creative Co-Op is a one-stop shop if you are looking for furniture wholesalers and farmhouse wholesalers. Their website has amazing products for resale, including stylish items and decorative accessories that have the potential to resonate with customers.

4. Roux marks

Roux Brands is known for its timeless and elegant wholesale range. The product selection includes gift items, wooden signs, home accessories and much more. As a wholesale supplier to farmhouses, Roux Brands offers a wide range of choices for retailers such as: B. funny decorative items and party favors.

5. KaemingK

If you are looking for seasonal decorations for your shop or website, KaemingK might be the right choice for you. All of their wholesale products are designed to be home decorations for the holiday season. On their website, you can find Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, and general home decorations with over 10,000 items to choose from.

6. ITEM International

For wholesale home decorations such as wall decorations, throw pillows, table decorations, gifts and a variety of items to sell, ITEM International has it all. They are both farm wholesalers and furniture wholesalers so you have a wide selection in your store for every occasion.

7. Benzara

Benzara is another wholesale supplier with high quality retail products. In addition to a farmer’s wholesaler, Benzara is also a wholesale supplier of furniture, so there are many new products to choose from. Shop many different styles in one place, including unique decorative items and a. a variety of home accessories that appeal to a wide range of buyers.

8. Hill Interiors

Hill Interiors has a wide range of great items that are perfect for interior decoration and suitable for any style. In their inventory you can find decorative items for resale, including pillows, gifts, wooden signs and many other items. Retailers can choose from over 2,500 products, all of which have been developed according to the latest trends.

9. Light and Life

If you are looking for both farmhouse decor and furniture wholesalers, take a look at Light and Living. With a large selection, high-quality products and stylish home accessories, Light and Living offers many great opportunities for resale. You can find items for your shop including general home decor, statement pieces, and other accessories like pillows, gift options, signs, and many more types of accessories.

10. Globus imports

Florida-based wholesale home decorating supplier, Globe Imports, has many great home decor store options on their website. Their inventory includes items from furniture to garden accessories, gift items, and more. They also do themed collections like Coast / Beach, Pirates, New Age, and more, which can be a fun option to stock up.

11. Kole imports

If you are looking for diverse product collections that should be fun and interesting, Kole Imports is a very good choice. Your product catalog will amaze you with what you can stock in your store, from smaller gift options to larger home accessories. There’s a complete balance for retailers to choose from, with a balance between functional home decor and funnier gift ideas.

12. Strade.Global

With Strade, sellers have many options. You can shop on their marketplace to find unique home accessories for sale, including rustic gifts, farmhouse decor, and more. If you are a manufacturer, you can join Strade.Global to let other retailers find products. In addition, Strade.Global also offers management services for online and stationary shops in order to increase profits and reduce the workload of retailers.

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