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Since the new mortgage rules of 2013, there are few differences between a loan or a mortgage and the loan is an interesting alternative to the mortgage. The Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij offers the following loans as an alternative to a mortgage: Continuous Credit , Refurbishment Credit , WOZ credit and the Personal Loan . A Personal Loan or a Renovation Loan, which is used for renovation or improvement of the owner-occupied home, is tax-deductible and is repaid annuity. The tax deductibility only applies to the Personal Loan and the renovation loan!

The biggest difference between a loan or mortgage is the total price. Despite a slightly higher interest on a loan, the total price of a loan is lower than that of a mortgage. Unlike with a mortgage, no closing and advisory costs are charged when taking out a loan. In addition, you do not have to pay notary and brokerage fees for a loan in connection with an appraisal and it is easier and cheaper to refinance a loan than a mortgage. This allows you to immediately take advantage of any more favorable conditions with other providers. Only with a renovation for more than 50,000 us dollars or a repayment term of more than 10 years can a mortgage be more interesting than a loan.

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