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Borrowing cheap money when it suits you best and under the best conditions, that is the promise of borrowing from Snaploan Online (SNLO).
Via a fully online method (without the intervention of an expensive advisor), Snaploan Online makes it possible to compare, request and (accelerate) repay the best loans online. A cost-effective method and you will notice that immediately in your wallet; You have a consumer credit or a loan from 3.5%.

Get to know our company and our specialists.

Our specialists

Armil Velos

Partner and Director

Paul looks at the big picture. He finds honesty, service and speed towards the customer most important to Snaploan Online. It is precisely with these qualities that you can make a difference.

Specialties within Snaploan Online - marketing, finance and contacts with external parties (banks, cooperation partners)

Helping to realize a long-term wish is what we do with passion. Whether it concerns a second home, a renovation, a camper or another wish. These are all things that give the customer energy and that gives us the energy every day to get the best out of ourselves for the customer!

Ronald Gracia

Partner and Head of Acceptance

Michel is a real all-rounder. He knows everything about credits. Whether it concerns a personal loan, a revolving credit or a combination credit for consumers, you have to go to Michel. Michel is friendly, patient and always has time for a chat or a listening ear. '

Specialization within Snaploan Online - Acceptance of applications, issuing via e-mail and My SNLO of the overviews containing the possibilities of our partner banks.

'I make sure that you can compare all options at a glance and that you can make the right choice. I think it is really important that you take out a loan that suits your needs. '

Alfredo Junior

Partner and Head of Realization

Halmar is solution-oriented, creative and very efficient. He has a suitable solution for every problem. Are you looking for financing for a holiday home, a car, boat, caravan or the renovation of your owner-occupied home? Halmar thinks along with you. He ensures a fast and error-free settlement and payment of your loan.

Specialization within Snaploan Online - Realization of the returned contracts, completing, checking and forwarding the complete credit files to the banks.

"I personally guarantee that you will have access to your money quickly and safely."

Sheena Pansacala

Credit specialist (Acceptance)

Shirley is friendly, customer oriented and she works very quickly. After an assessment at the BKR, she will let the customer know as soon as possible whether the loan application can be accepted. She works out the best agreements for your loan from our partner banks into one overview. Shirley is the indispensable link between you and our partner banks, to be able to deliver your credit quickly and without errors.

Specialization within Snaploan Online - Credit Specialist Acceptance

'My goal is to make the quotations from the partner banks clear and transparent for you. So that you can make a good choice for your loan. '

Mary Leongson

Credit specialist (Realization)

Rosita works quickly and ensures a short turnaround time from returned and signed contracts up to the payment of your loan. She is focused and purposeful.

Rosita ensures that all documents can be submitted to the bank complete, checked and motivated, so that you can quickly and error-free access to the desired loan amount.

Specialization within Snaploan Online - Credit Specialist Realization

'My day is good when I manage to keep the turnaround time as short as possible. I enjoy that! '

Jaira Baarde

Credit specialist (Realization)

With her no-nonsense attitude and her enormous wealth of experience, Cilia is committed to completing the file for every customer within the shortest possible time. Result-oriented work, that is what Cilia stands for.

Specialization within Snaploan Online –Credit Specialist Realization

"I strive to submit every file to the bank as quickly as possible."

Flor Yang

Credit specialist (Realization)

Carolien's strongest point is her accuracy. She is very precise and ensures that the documents you provide via My SNLO or e-mail are processed quickly. Carolien has many years of banking experience and knows exactly what she does.

Specialization within Snaploan Online –Credit Specialist Realization

'I make sure that everything is processed neatly and without errors.'

Mickey Molina

Credit specialist (Healthcare and Service)

Karen capitalizes the word customer. Your interests are paramount to her. Her friendliness, expertise and unbridled commitment ensure satisfied customers. Transparent communication is the basis of every customer contact. Karen is your point of contact during the term of your loan.

She will contact you about how you have experienced our services and whether everything is as desired. Karen works proactively, which means that she will contact you during the term of your loan to check whether there are any changes in your personal situation that could affect the responsible development of your loan. Even if you want a different proposal yourself, she is the one to contact.

Specialization within Snaploan Online - Credit Specialist Care and Service

'My aim is that every customer is satisfied. Not only when taking out a loan, but also afterwards. '

Shane Cuizon

Credit specialist (Acceptance & Realization)

Sanne is professional, patient and very customer-oriented.

It is Sanne's job to ensure that you as a customer can compare everything (the interest, the installments, terms, lead times and conditions) at a glance. She ensures that you provide all necessary documents correctly. Sanne checks and completes this and ensures that everything can be sent to the bank at once so that you can have your money as quickly as possible.

Specialization within Snaploan Online - Credit Specialist Acceptance and Realization

"I love that I can help people achieve their dreams!"

Answer within 24 hours

You will receive an overview of your options by e-mail and in My SNLO.

BKR assessment

Your creditworthiness will be tested at the BKR.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

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Borrow money responsibly from a reputable bank .

Our security, expertise, reliability and quality are guaranteed

That is why we are affiliated with:

  • The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under license number 12019152. This license is a legal obligation to mediate in consumer credit.
  • On the basis of the NVF code of conduct, the Dutch Association of Financing Advisers and Brokers (NVF) imposes additional requirements on their members, including requirements that are in the interests of consumers, in your interest.
  • Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP). To ensure that your personal information is correctly recorded and handled by us.
  • Financial Services Complaints Institute (KiFiD). To ensure that you can rely on an independent and impartial body in the event of a dispute.

Orientation, casual and discreet!

If it concerns a personal loan or a revolving credit, you can take out a money loan yourself through Snaploan Online. More than twenty years of experience in taking out loans and loans. We take into account your wishes, the possibilities and help you with a loan that you want to take out yourself without advice.

Orientation, casual and discreet. We do not have a call center and no advisor will come to your home. You decide and determine how the communication goes: by telephone, internet, by e-mail or by post. For more important information, please refer to our terms and conditions .

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