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Borrow money for a Caravan

Financing your caravan online from 3.5%

Buying a caravan is a nice investment, but such a caravan can easily cost € 25,000. People therefore regularly rent a caravan or camper for their holiday. Would you rather have your own caravan that meets all your wishes? We are happy to help you finance this. Borrowing money for a caravan or camper can easily be done via SNLO, thanks to our specialized cooperation with renowned banks. You can apply for your loan online at a low interest rate and without advice and closing costs.

Financing caravan online

Buying a caravan is a big expense. Not everyone has such a large amount in the bank. Then a responsible loan is a good alternative. We work online with various banks and can therefore quickly provide you with a complete overview of the most advantageous loan options in the form of a Personal Loan.

Personal loan

A Personal Loan is the ideal loan for a caravan. You borrow exactly the amount you need and adjust the term of the loan to the lifespan or useful life of your caravan. The interest rate is fixed: from 3.5% with a term of 10 years.
You borrow exactly the amount you need and your debt decreases with each monthly payment. You also know exactly when the loan has been repaid. This way you will never be faced with surprises and it is always clear where you stand.

With a Personal Loan:

  • you benefit from a fixed low interest rate;
  • you know in advance exactly when you will pay off the loan;
  • you borrow a fixed amount for your new caravan that you pay off monthly with a fixed amount in repayment and interest.

Tips for buying a caravan

  1. Set your financial limit. Do you see a fantastic caravan but is it much more expensive than your ultimate price? Negotiate sharply or look forward to another caravan. Nobody is waiting for a purchase that will cause financial problems later on.
  2. Before you go caravan hunting, make a wish list. Examples: for how many people, what appearance, what axis, what quality kitchen? Once at the dealer, many people no longer see the forest for the trees and without a clear wish list, the ideal caravan model just passes you by.
  3. Bed check! A good night's sleep is also important on holiday. So feel free to try out the beds: how do they lie, does the entire camper shake when you turn around, is the construction sturdy? The ANWB offers many more tips to be well prepared.
  4. Traveling around or staying in one place? Do you want to go on an adventure through Europe or have you found the ideal campsite to return to every year? In the latter case, a mobile home on your own, permanent spot is also a great option. Mobile homes are available new, but there is also a thriving second-hand market - check out Marktplaats.
  5. Buying a second-hand caravan? Occasions are much cheaper than a new model and usually they can last for years.

With these tips you make a good purchase:

  • Ask for the warranty card
  • Does the chassis number match the information on the papers?
  • Are there any damages? Include these in the price negotiations. Is there any serious damage? Then consider looking at another camper; not everyone is a born handyman. Also pay attention to the smell: if the caravan inside smells musty, there may be a (difficult to solve) moisture problem.
  • Are you unsure about hidden defects? Have the caravan inspected. In any case, always take someone with you who understands the (technical side of) caravans.

Why borrow from us?

  • Lowest fixed interest from 3.5%
  • A complete and realistic range of 5 banks with one request
  • Compare interest, conditions and payment date in one overview
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Fast, error-free and inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee!

Below you will find the current interest rates and request a no-obligation quote for the caravan of your dreams. We wish you a great time in your caravan or motorhome!

Fixed low interest from 3.5%

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Possible from 23 to 75 years old.

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Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

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