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Continuous Credit 60+

Borrow money flexibly for people over 60

The Revolving Credit 60+ is the flexible loan for people over 60. Until your 66th birthday, you borrow money once or in installments. Up to a maximum amount and at a variable interest rate. This way you can stop working just a little earlier. Or simply enjoy optimal financial freedom.

Especially for people over 60

Loan especially for people over 60 years old.

Debt-free before your 75th birthday

Your loan is automatically phased out.

Remission of up to € 12,500 upon death

No debts for next of kin.

Repay penalty free

You can always repay a revolving credit without penalty.

Rate history

You can find the development of the variable interest over recent years here .

Variable interest from 6.9%

Low interest rates that can rise or fall in the meantime.

Fixed monthly charges

You always know where you stand.

Variable duration

You always have extra money on hand.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Your situation

Does revolving credit suit your situation? Check it out here .

Is a Revolving Credit 60+ suitable for you?

A Revolving Credit 60+ is suitable for people who:

  • looking for financial support;
  • are between the ages of 60 and 65 *;
  • want to borrow € 5,000 to € 50,000 flexibly.

* Are you older than 65? Then you can borrow money with the Personal Loan 65+ .

This is how a Revolving Credit 60+ works

With a Revolving Credit 60+ you always have extra money in reserve. You decide exactly how much you want to withdraw. So you don't have to withdraw everything at once and only pay interest on the money you use. If you do need more money, just withdraw extra money. Up to the credit limit. You determine the amount of the limit in advance with the bank.

Interest Continuous Credit 60+

The interest on a Revolving Credit 60+ is not fixed. This means that the interest can change at any time. As a result, you sometimes pay a little more and sometimes a little less interest one month. In addition, your age, work and living situation influence the interest you pay. Go to ' interest rates revolving credit ' and find out which interest rate applies to your situation.

Continuous Repay credit 60+

You pay a fixed monthly amount in repayment and interest. When the variable interest rate falls, you pay less interest and more repayment. Repaying is then slightly faster. When interest rates rise, the reverse happens and repayment takes a little longer. The credit limit is reduced from your 66th birthday so that the loan is repaid before your 75th birthday. Additional interim repayments are always possible and free of charge.

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

vacation vacation

Finally make that dream trip. Or just ready for a well-deserved vacation? If you do not have sufficient financial resources yourself, borrowing money is a good option. We like to help you.

Loan for a vacation
home furnishings home furnishings

Borrow money inexpensively for furnishing your home. That is possible with us. Simply online, without time-consuming appointments. At a low interest rate and at renowned banks.

Loan for a home furnishing
move move

With extra money on hand, you can move carefree. Because a move entails a lot of costs. A new furniture, kitchen and the move itself.

Loan for a move

All loan purposes

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