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Transfer revolving credit

Transferring a Revolving Credit to a Personal Loan means new conditions. Often also a lower interest rate. This is fixed for the entire term. Transferring is free and can be done at any time. Even if your current loan is with another lender.

You can transfer your current (too expensive) Revolving Credit to a new loan with a low interest rate and favorable conditions online. Interest rates have fallen and are at a historic low. You can now borrow from 3.5%.
Does your current lender offer this lowest interest rate? And what are the associated conditions of the loan? There is a good chance that you have taken out a loan in the past with matching conditions that are no longer as favorable as the current one. A change in income or family composition can also be a reason to transfer the current loan to a new one that is better suited to your current situation.

Transfer online to a Personal Loan

Do you want to fix the current low interest rate (from 3.5%) and a loan form with more certainty? In that case, transfer your Continuous Credit to a Personal Loan. The interest and term are fixed; currently we offer the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands . You pay the same amount in interest and repayment every month and you know exactly when the loan is fully repaid. You can convert your Revolving Credit free of charge and online into a Personal Loan.

Merge loans

Do you have several loans and have you lost the overview? Merging multiple loans and refinancing into one clear Personal Loan has the additional advantage of a lower interest rate. The interest rate for a higher loan amount is lower than the interest rate for a low loan amount. If you have several small loans, you will therefore pay an unnecessarily high interest rate for each individual small loan.

How much are your savings?

Use our calculation module to calculate how much you can save if you transfer your current credit to a Personal Loan with us. We offer favorable good conditions with our loans. It is easy to transfer a current loan: the old loan at Rabobank, ING or ABN AMRO is repaid and terminated. We take out the new loan with the bank of your choice . You use our free online transfer service and we easily arrange the transfer of your loan . After transferring your current loan, you immediately benefit from your new cheaper Personal Loan.

Calculate savings

Wondering how much money you can save by transferring one or more revolving credits ? Use our calculation tool and calculate how much money you can save by transferring. Simply online and completely free.

Delete loan

Delete loan

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