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Transfer personal loan

Do you have a current Personal Loan with a high interest rate and conditions that are not favorable? Such as not being allowed to redeem without penalty or a term that no longer suits your current situation? Good reasons to transfer that loan to a new Personal Loan. A loan with a low interest rate and new conditions that suit you better. Refinancing your loan means benefiting from lower monthly payments thanks to the historically low interest rate now (from 3.5%). You choose the term that matches your wishes and loan purpose.

Transfer online

Has your income or family composition changed and does the current loan no longer match? Having your loan transferred can be a good option. With us, you can simply transfer online, safely and without closing costs.

Convert Personal Loan to Personal Loan

Do you have a Personal Loan with a high interest rate? Or do you have a loan with terms and conditions that are outdated? You can convert your personal loan into a new Personal Loan. You will then benefit from the current low interest rate and new conditions. We currently offer the cheapest Personal Loans in the Netherlands, at the best conditions. Find out here why we can keep our interest rates so low .

Merge several loans

The interest rate for a small loan is higher than the interest rate for a large loan. If you have several small Personal Loans, you therefore pay a relatively high interest several times. You can transfer these loans to one new Personal Loan. This way you benefit from a lower interest rate and you immediately have a better overview of your financial obligations.

How much are your savings?

Via our calculation module you can calculate yourself what the transfer of your Personal Loan can yield for you. Our partner banks offer lower interest rates than those of Rabobank, ING and ABN AMRO. You can transfer your current loan to a new loan free of charge via our online transfer service. We will then arrange the entire transfer for you. After converting your Personal Loan, you immediately start saving thanks to your cheaper loan.

Calculate savings

Curious how much money you can save by transferring one or more loans ? Use our calculation tool and calculate how much money you can save by transferring.

Delete loan

Delete loan

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Properties Personal loan

A personal loan as a form of loan provides security; the interest and term are fixed. After taking out the loan, you pay the same amount of interest and repayment every month during the term. You have repaid the loan in full on the end date. Do you have extra money during the term? You can repay that on the loan without penalty. In the past, a fine was charged as compensation to the lender for missing interest, but nowadays this is allowed free of charge.

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