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Transfer expensive loan

Better conditions and a low interest rate from 3.5%

You want to borrow money at the lowest interest and the best conditions. Logical. But because a loan is an agreement that you enter into for a longer period of time, there is a good chance that a loan that you took out years ago no longer matches your current situation. This could be because you have another job with a modified income. Your children have left home or perhaps your family has just expanded.

A loan with a (too) high interest rate or even multiple loans from different providers can cause stress. Transferring to one clear, much cheaper Personal Loan can then be a good option!

The decreased interest rates are also a good reason to refinance a loan. Just like the changed, modern conditions, such as the cancellation of penalty interest when transferring? a Personal Loan or an increase in the age at which the credit must be reduced. You transfer your loan (s) to one clear Personal Loan with a fixed term and a fixed low interest rate.

Why transfer a current loan?

Interest rates are currently at a historic low and most banks have updated their conditions. Even if you have several loans, it can be useful to transfer them and merge them into one loan.
You will then benefit from lower monthly costs because the interest on smaller loans is higher than on one large loan. You also have a better overview. Periodically reviewing your loan and possibly transferring it can mean a saving on your monthly costs.

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Is refinancing cheaper?

If you have a loan that was taken out before 2018, there is a good chance that you can save money with refinancing. This is because many interest rates for consumer credit were lowered in 2018.

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Why borrow from us?

  • Transferring is free, you pay no costs for this service
  • With one request a complete range of 5 sofas in one overview
  • Compare interest, conditions and payment date in one overview
  • You will receive a realistic offer
  • Request a quote without obligation and free of charge
  • Fast, error-free and inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee!

Lower monthly costs or a shorter term - what are the options?

If you transfer one or more expensive loans, you will benefit from a lower interest rate and lower monthly costs and / or a shorter term of the loan. After all, a new loan comes with new conditions that are often better and more favorable than the old one. Transferring your expensive loan with another bank or lender, whether it is your revolving credit or a personal loan, can be done easily and online when it suits you. You then have a loan that matches your current situation and with the favorable interest rates at the moment. The current low interest rate is fixed during the entire term of a Personal Loan. At Snaploan Online we do an annual check to see whether the loan is still suitable for you.

What types of loans can you (have) transferred or merged?

You can transfer and / or merge the following loans:

  • Personal Loan (s) from another bank
  • Continuous Credit (s) with another bank
  • Credit card debt
  • Mail order credits or purchase on installment at, for example, Wehkamp, ​​MediaMarkt or Bijenkorf
  • Overdraft on your checking account

How does the transfer of your expensive loan (s) work?

Transferring your current loan may seem complicated, but it is very simple. When transferring a revolving credit , personal loan or other credit, the old loan is repaid and a new Personal Loan is taken out:

  • Fixed low interest rate from 3.5% - Lowest in the Netherlands!
  • Borrow a fixed amount from € 5,000
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly installments
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Secure, responsible and affordable online closing

At Snaploan Online we arrange the transfer of your credit online, flawlessly and quickly. You fill in your details on our online quotation form, even if your loan is not through us.
We will email you the offers from our partner banks with the Personal Loans for which you are eligible. Clearly in one overview all interest rates and conditions side by side, so that you can easily choose the Personal Loan that best suits your needs. Based on your choice, we will immediately send you the quotation and your new conditions by e-mail or post. We will arrange the entire switch for you with the old and new bank.

Transfer personal loan

If you do not have one loan but several separate loans, you can combine your personal loans into a well-arranged loan and the interest for one larger loan is lower than the interest on several small loans. Do you have a personal loan but do you want more flexibility with regard to the term of the loan? Then you can convert your loan into revolving credit.

How much is it?

Refinancing a personal loan is free in almost all cases. Most banks no longer charge penalty interest for the loss of their interest income after your switch. A few banks still pass on this statutory penalty interest. This is especially the case with old loans. Transferring a personal loan has advantages: savings in monthly costs and new conditions for the loan.

How does the transfer of a personal loan work?

We can easily arrange the transfer of your personal loan after receiving your application. You can use our online transfer service . Here you will immediately see how much money you can save. If you request a free quote, we will send you a tailor-made offer. You make a choice for the offer that best suits your situation. We will then arrange everything for you. This way you can take advantage of your new cheaper loan in the short term.

Transfer strangulation credit

The term strangler credit is used in loan situations, in which the interest on the loan rises so high that you only pay interest, do not pay anything off on the debt and no longer get off the loan. It is a term that was frequently negative in the news in 2016.

You can transfer your strangulation loan at De Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij . If you transfer your strangulation loan to a personal loan, then you know exactly what your monthly costs are and when you have paid off the loan.

Tips for transferring your expensive loan

  1. Check carefully whether you can make a penalty-free repayment. If not, do the costs of the transfer still outweigh a cheaper Personal Loan? With us you can always repay your Personal Loans without penalty.
  2. A short term is cheaper and you can repay the loan faster. After all, the term is shorter and the interest is lower. In the beginning, due to the shorter term, the monthly amount to be repaid will be slightly higher than with your old loan. But because the loan is repaid a bit every month, this amount drops quickly. A loan with a short term is therefore always cheaper.
  3. Easy acceptance of the same loan amount. If you transfer one or more loans, the lender will reassess whether you can take out the credit. Information is requested from the BKR about your payment behavior. In addition, the bank will reassess your application / loan on the basis of your current income and expenses. If you borrow the same amount (so no higher amount), there is a good chance that you can transfer without problems.
  4. The higher the loan amount, the lower the interest. In other words: you usually pay a higher interest for (several) smaller loans than for larger consumer loans . The best way to save money on all those small loans is to merge them into one larger loan that allows you to pay off all the smaller loans at once.

Existing loan: how much is the savings for you?

Has your situation changed? Have interest rates been reduced? Do you have several small loans from multiple parties? Is your answer 'yes'? Plenty of reasons to view or refinance your loan.

Request a quote today to see what you can save on your loan.

For which loans can you contact us?

Loan forms

At Snaploan Online you can choose from Personal Loans and Revolving Loans. Do you want to borrow a high amount for, for example, a holiday home or a major renovation? Then you can also combine these loan forms in a combination of credit at different banks.

View all loan forms and variations .

Personal loan

All costs are transparent in advance with a Personal Loan, which is why the loan is often referred to in the same breath as responsible borrowing.

  • The Personal Loan is a loan with a fixed total amount (loan amount plus interest).
  • You reduce the total amount by repaying a fixed amount every month during a pre-agreed term.
  • You can always make extra repayments without penalty.
  • The loan will be transferred to you in full immediately after approval by the bank.

With a Personal Loan you therefore know exactly how much you have to pay per month, how long you still have to pay and what the total costs of your loan are.

More information about Personal Loan

Revolving credit

With a Revolving Credit you can constantly borrow money again up to a pre-agreed amount, you decide how much you transfer to your checking account.

  • A Revolving Credit is comparable to the overdraft on a bank account, but on average three times cheaper.
  • You can borrow money up to a maximum amount and you can withdraw everything you repay.
  • You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn.
  • You can always make extra repayments without penalty.
  • The loan is immediately available after approval.

A Revolving Credit is therefore the ideal loan form if you have a recurring borrowing need and are looking for a cheaper alternative to, for example, the credit card and overdraft.

More information about Revolving Credit

Lower interest

The interest is lower on one large loan than on several smaller loans.

Shorter term

With a lower interest rate you can pay off a larger part of your loan every month.

Pay less

Due to a lower interest on one loan, you have to repay less (monthly).

Better conditions

Save money with a loan with better conditions.

Answer within 24 hours

You will receive an overview of your options by e-mail and in My SNLO.

Low interest of 3.5%

Calculate the interest that you are eligible for.

Transfer expensive loan

Take advantage of a lower interest rate.

Specialized banks

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Transfer your current loans to one new loan. For more overview in your financial administration. Or refinance a single loan to take advantage of a lower interest rate. Discover below how much you can save if you refinance your loan. We will arrange it for you. Simply online and completely free.

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