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Own house Continuous Credit

Borrowing extra cheaply for homeowners

Optimal financial freedom at an extra low interest rate. Especially for home owners. That is the own house Continuous Credit. You borrow extra money once or in installments up to the credit limit. The interest is variable and you only pay interest on the amount used.

Repay penalty free

You can always repay a revolving credit without penalty.

Rate history

You can find the development of the variable interest over recent years here .

Extra low variable interest from 4.5%

Homeowners benefit from additional interest savings.

Especially for homeowners

Extra low interest for homeowners.

Fixed monthly charges

You always know where you stand.

Variable duration

You always have extra money on hand.

Borrow money flexibly from € 10,000 to € 75,000

Ideal if you do not yet know exactly how much money you need.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Your situation

Does revolving credit suit your situation? Check it out here .

Is your own home Revolving Credit right for you?

A private home Revolving Credit is suitable for people who:

  • have your own home;
  • be between the ages of 21 and 64;
  • have a temporary contract.

This is how a private home works Continuous Credit

Your own home Continuous Credit gives access to extra money. You decide exactly how much to withdraw, up to the credit limit. So you do not have to withdraw everything at once and only pay interest on the money you withdraw. You pay a fixed amount in repayment and interest every month. Because the interest is variable, you sometimes pay more or less interest. As a result, you sometimes repay the credit faster or slower.

Extra benefit for home owners

In addition to flexibility, your own home Revolving Credit offers extra benefits for homeowners. A house of your own offers the bank more security. As a result, home owners borrow at an extra low interest rate. Moreover, you can borrow more and longer. And your own home Continuous Credit also has more options for borrowing money with a temporary contract.

Interest own home. Continuous Credit

The interest on an own home Revolving Credit is variable. This means that the interest can change at any time. As a result, you sometimes pay less and sometimes more interest. In addition, your age, living and work situation influence how much interest you pay for the loan. Go to calculate your interest and find out which interest applies to your situation.

loan goals

Loan purposes

move move

With extra money on hand, you can move carefree. Because a move entails a lot of costs. A new furniture, kitchen and the move itself.

Loan for a move
vacation vacation

Finally make that dream trip. Or just ready for a well-deserved vacation? If you do not have sufficient financial resources yourself, borrowing money is a good option. We like to help you.

Loan for a vacation
wedding wedding

A wedding is the best day of your life. Nobody wants to save on that. Although you decide how much to spend on your wedding party, the costs quickly add up. With a loan you always have enough money on hand and you can absorb unforeseen costs.

Loan for a wedding

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