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Green loan from 3.5%

Borrow money for solar panels or an energy-saving heat boiler. With us, this is possible from 3.5%. Thanks to our online approach and exclusive cooperation with professional banks, we always offer the best interest rates and conditions. That is why you simply choose a personal loan as a green loan. With favorable conditions and one of the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands.

What is a green loan?

A green loan is a personal loan especially for sustainable investments in your home. Think of insulation , solar panels or a heat pump. A green loan from, for example, ING, Rabobank or ABN AMRO is often slightly cheaper than their normal loan.

You can also borrow money from us for energy-saving measures. Thanks to our online method and exclusive cooperation with specialized banks, we always offer the best conditions at one of the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands. With us, you simply choose a personal loan for energy savings. You borrow with a fixed low interest rate from 3.5% and you are usually even cheaper than with a green loan from, for example, ING or Rabobank.

Interest on a green personal loan

With us you can already take out a personal loan from 3.5%. This interest is fixed. This means that you benefit from this low interest rate throughout the term. Do you want to pay off the loan faster? This is possible and completely free of charge . How much interest you pay exactly depends in part on your income and expenses. We are happy to make a tailor-made loan proposal for this without any obligation.

View and calculate the interest on your green loan

Are greenloans deductible?

Green loans - also called greenloans - are tax deductible in most cases. This also applies to a personal loan for energy-saving measures. If you're using a personal loan to improve your home for sale, the interest is deductible. Do you borrow for solar panels ? Then you can also reclaim the VAT. So double tax benefit.

Borrow money for solar panels

With solar panels you can quickly save hundreds of euros per year in energy costs. But it is a significant investment. 10 panels including inverter and installation can easily cost around € 4,600 *. If you don't have enough savings or don't want to invest all of your savings, you can take out a personal green loan for solar panels. Such a loan pays for itself quickly, because solar panels often save more money than the loan costs.

The advantage of a personal loan for solar panels is that you can adjust the term of the loan to the expected lifespan of the panels. Of course you can always opt for a shorter term and repay your loan faster. We always advise against a longer term.

Read more about borrowing money for solar panels .

* Source: Environmentally Central

Calculate and compare green loans

Of course you are curious how much you can borrow . We have developed a handy online calculation tool for this. Based on your data, we immediately give an indication of your maximum loan amount. Exactly how much you can borrow depends on more information. We are happy to make a tailor-made proposal for this . We often send you such a proposal the same working day and consists of one overview with the range of our partner banks. This way you can easily compare their green loan offer.

Sustainable borrowing from Snaploan Online

With us you have come to the right place for one of the cheapest green loans in the Netherlands. We do not give advice. This allows you to borrow extra cheaply. Simply online at a time that suits you.

• Borrow money responsibly online

• Low fixed interest from 3.5%

• No additional costs and 100% without obligation

• Exclusive collaboration with specialized banks

• Tax-deductible

Read more about our working method or request a quote without obligation to compare the offer of our partner banks for a green loan.

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