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Own Home Personal Loan

Borrowing extra cheaply for homeowners from 3.5%

Borrowing more and longer money at an extra low interest rate . Also for homeowners with a temporary job. That is the own home Personal Loan. The interest and term are fixed. And the amount is paid in one go. That way you know exactly where you stand.

Is a Home Personal Loan Right for You?

An own home Personal Loan is suitable for people who:

  • own a house for sale;
  • be between 21 and 68 years old;
  • have a temporary contract.

This is how a private home Personal Loan works

Homeowners borrow a fixed amount once at an extra low interest rate. The loan amount is deposited into your account in one go. Handy if you borrow for a specific purpose such as a new car, renovation or home residual debt. You then repay the loan monthly at a fixed interest rate. You determine in advance within how many months you will pay off the loan. So you always know where you stand.

Extra benefit for homeowners

Thanks to the fixed interest rate and term, a Personal Loan offers security. But with a home Personal Loan, homeowners benefit from even more benefits. For example, homeowners borrow at an extra low interest rate and there are more options for homeowners with a temporary contract. In addition, you can borrow longer and more money if you have your own home.

Cost of own home Personal Loan

The exact costs depend on your personal work, living and living situation. Borrowing money is often cheaper when you are younger. Are you borrowing money for the renovation of your owner-occupied home or a residual debt? Then the interest is tax deductible. Go to ' Personal loan interest rates ' and find out which interest rate applies to your situation.

Repay penalty free

A Personal Loan can always be repaid without penalty.

Fixed extra low interest from 3.5%

Homeowners benefit from additional interest savings.

Suitable for temporary employment

Borrow money online without a permanent employment contract.

Especially for homeowners

Extra low interest for homeowners.

Fixed monthly charges

You always know where you stand.

Fixed term

You know in advance exactly when you will pay off the loan.

Borrow a one-time fixed amount

Ideal for a large purchase.

Borrowing advantageously from € 5,000 to € 75,000

From 23 to 75 years old.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Your situation

Does a personal loan suit your situation? Check it out here .

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

caravan caravan

Buying a caravan is a big expense. But not everyone has such a large amount in the bank. Then a loan is a good alternative.

Loan for a caravan
home improvement home improvement

If your renovation costs are less than US $ 25,000, a Personal Loan is cheaper than a mortgage. In addition to the lower costs, the loan is also tax-deductible, can be repaid extra without penalty and is more flexible than an average sustainability loan.

Loan for a renovation
kitchen kitchen

Borrow money to remodel, refurbish or renew your kitchen. This is possible at Snaploan Online. Simply online, at specialized banks and at a low interest rate.

Loan for a kitchen

All loan purposes

Current interest rates

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