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Renovation loan

Financing your renovation profitably, from 3.5%

Borrow money once to finance your renovation . At an extra low interest rate and fixed term. That is the Renovation Credit. You know exactly where you stand in advance. And the amount is paid in one go. This way you have direct access to your money.

Is a renovation loan right for you?

A Renovation Loan is suitable for people who:

  • being a home owner;
  • be between 21 and 68 years old;
  • borrow money for a renovation.

This is how a Renovation Loan works

The Renovation Loan resembles a Personal Loan . It offers the same security, but especially for people who borrow money for a renovation. You borrow a fixed amount that is paid out in one go. You then pay a fixed monthly amount in repayment and interest. You determine in advance together with the bank within how many months you will pay off. This way you will never be faced with surprises.

Costs Renovation Credit

Because you do not pay any notary, appraisal, closing and advice costs, the total costs for a Renovation Loan are often lower than those of a second mortgage. In addition, the interest is tax deductible. How much interest you pay for the Renovation Loan depends on your personal situation. Go to ' Personal loan interest rates ' and find out which interest rate applies to your situation.

Term Renovation Loan

The Renovation Loan has a fixed term. This means that you determine in advance, together with the bank, within how many months you will pay off the loan. The term of a Renovation Loan varies from 6 to 180 months. Do you have a financial windfall in the meantime and do you want to pay off your loan faster? This is always possible and is often completely free of charge.


A Personal Loan for home improvement is tax deductible .

Repay penalty free

A Personal Loan can always be repaid without penalty.

Fixed low interest from 3.5%

Calculate your interest, monthly installment and total price

Especially for homeowners

Extra low interest for homeowners.

Fixed monthly charges

You always know where you stand.

Fixed term

You know in advance exactly when you will pay off the loan.

Borrow a one-time fixed amount

Ideal for a large purchase.

Borrow from € 5,000 to € 75,000

From 23 to 75 years old.

No additional costs

No appraisal, notary, closing and advice costs.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

transfer loan transfer loan

The refinancing of a current loan means a lower interest rate and lower monthly costs and / or a shorter term of the loan; a new loan comes with new conditions that are often better and more favorable than the old one.

Transfer loan (s)
kitchen kitchen

Borrow money to remodel, refurbish or renew your kitchen. This is possible at Snaploan Online. Simply online, at specialized banks and at a low interest rate.

Loan for a kitchen
renovation renovation

A renovation of your home can turn your home into your dream home! Most people quickly think of taking out or increasing a mortgage to finance such a renovation. But you can also think of a loan.

Loan for a renovation

All loan purposes

Current interest rates

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