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Term life insurance

With one of the lowest fixed premiums in the Netherlands

"Our term life insurance is one of the cheapest in the Netherlands."

What is term life insurance?

If you die during the term of the loan and you do not have a life insurance policy, the remaining debt on your loan will be transferred to your surviving dependents. If you want to prevent this, you can take out a life insurance policy for your loan or credit. The insured amount will then be released after your death. This prevents the (residual debt of the) loan from being transferred to your partner or next of kin. You decide which amount you insure.

If the insured amount is less than € 300,000, no medical examination is required upon taking out. The higher the insured amount, the more premium you pay. Regardless of the level of the premium, you pay the same amount for the entire term of the insurance.

Annuity Declining Personal Loan Life Insurance

With a declining annuity term life insurance , survivors receive more benefits at the beginning of the term than at the end. That is why this term life insurance fits well with a Personal Loan . With a Personal Loan, you already repay in the meantime and the outstanding debt is smaller at the end than at the beginning.

Constant term life insurance for Revolving Credit

With an unchanged term life insurance, you insure a fixed amount for the entire term of your loan. In the event of death within the term of your loan, the next of kin will always receive the same, fixed amount: the loan amount that you have insured. Handy for a Revolving Credit , because survivors can then repay the outstanding loan amount in one go.

Life insurance costs

Our term life insurance is one of the cheapest in the Netherlands. The premium remains the same throughout the term. So no unpleasant surprises. This is because TAF does not have an 'en bloc' clause. An 'en bloc' clause gives insurers the right to increase the premium in the meantime. This is therefore not the case with our term life insurance. Calculate your monthly premium below.

Fixed monthly premium

You always know where you stand.

Low premium

One of the lowest premiums in the Netherlands.

Remission of death

No debts for next of kin.

No medical examination

Insure up to € 300,000 without medical examination.

Suitable for Personal Loan and Revolving Credit

Enjoy your loan without any worries.

No debts for next of kin

Remission in the event of death.

Current interest rates

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