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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

You want to borrow money online, how does that work?

With us, you can compare and take out the loan of your choice yourself: simply and securely from your computer. You do not have to visit an office for an advice appointment. You determine when and which loan you take out. Anonymous and discreet. Via your own secure personal environment "Mijn Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij" (My SNLO) we guide you digitally and step by step through the application process. You will receive an e-mail with a link. Login details are not required.

We work with professional specialized partner banks. Thanks to this exclusive cooperation and our digital working method, we can offer favorable conditions and interest rates that are lower than the interest at the regular banks .

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Borrow money online in 4 steps

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Online and without advice

Choose the loan that suits you

You can choose from the following loan types: personal loan , revolving credit or our combination credit , if you want to borrow a larger amount. Via our online loan guide you can determine for yourself which loan best suits your loan goal, personal situation and wishes.


Without obligation and without additional costs

Request a quote online

After you have made a choice from one of the three loan forms, fill in our online quotation request form . You hereby instruct us to request a quote from our partner banks without obligation and without additional costs. We request additional, confidential information that we need to complete the application from you via email and My SNLO.

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Choose the tailor-made offer

You compare the offer of the partner banks

Within a few hours of your application, you will receive a personal offer from our partner banks in one clear overview so that you can compare interest rates, terms and conditions at a glance. This overview can also be found on your personal page in "Mijn Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij" (Mijn SNLO). You will receive the best offers, which you actually qualify for based on your data.

You select the partner bank of your choice and instruct us to draw up the contract for the selected loan. You can view and download this contract via email and My SNLO. You can then also digitally deliver / upload the signed and requested documents via this secure personal environment.


We will take care of the rest

Loan paid out within two days

After receiving all the necessary documents that complete your application, we ensure that our partner bank pays out your loan within the number of working days specified (usually 1 to 2 working days). This completes the loan application process and your personal page on "Mijn Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij" (Mijn SNLO) is canceled.

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Request a quote without obligation