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Convert existing loan

Converting your loan form means that you change the loan form: convert your current personal loan to a revolving credit. Or have your revolving credit converted into a personal loan. Converting your overpriced current loan to a new loan is beneficial. Advantage in the form of a lower interest rate or better conditions such as penalty-free extra repayments on the loan or a new term.

If you convert your loan now, you will benefit from a low interest rate and the new favorable conditions. The interest rates from years ago were much higher and the conditions were less favorable. With a personal loan, for example, you could not make additional interim repayments without penalty. Nowadays you pay extra free of charge with both a revolving credit and a personal loan.

You can convert your current personal loan or revolving credit online to a cheaper loan form . With us you can borrow money online at the lowest interest and best conditions without extra costs .

Convert current loan to new loan online

Do you want to change loan form? Converting the loan form of your loan is free of charge. You do not have to pay penalty interest for both the personal loan and the revolving credit . You convert your current loan online. You convert your personal loan to a revolving credit or your revolving credit to a personal loan. What are the benefits of the change?

Convert personal loan to revolving credit

You have a personal loan that offers security thanks to the fixed interest rate and term, but you want more flexibility. You can change the loan form to a revolving credit. A revolving credit is flexible thanks to the variable interest rate and term.

Converting a personal loan to a revolving credit gives you more financial scope. You get more control over how your money is spent; you can withdraw money up to the agreed credit limit whenever you want. With a personal loan, the bank pays out the total loan amount once to finance your loan goal. You have no extra money in reserve.

Convert revolving credit to personal loan

If you want more security, you can convert your current revolving credit into a personal loan. Changing the loan form changes the variable interest rate to a fixed one. The term of the loan is also determined in advance. As soon as the loan has been taken out, you benefit from the fixed low interest rate.

The interest rate is now low; You secure this low interest rate by converting your current revolving credit to a new personal loan. You agree on the term of the loan. From the moment of conversion, you pay the same charges every month until the end date of the loan. From that date, the loan is fully repaid and you are debt-free.

In case of home improvement , the interest costs of a personal loan are tax deductible. There is no tax advantage with a revolving credit.

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Calculate how much you can save on your loan . Then use our request form to request a tailor-made quotation without any obligation. You do not pay any advice and closing costs with us.

Calculate your savings in conversion

Transfer your current loans to one new loan. For more overview in your financial administration. Or refinance a single loan to take advantage of a lower interest rate. Discover below how much you can save if you refinance your loan. We will arrange it for you. Simply online and completely free.

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Delete loan

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