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Transfer strangulation credit

Transfer to an interest rate from 3.5%

Are you in a hopeless situation with your revolving credit? Have you ever taken out a loan with a lender for which you have only paid interest for years or have not repaid anything due to an ever-increasing interest rate? We will transfer your loan and are happy to help you get rid of your strangulation loan. Easy and online.

Strangulation credits

You have two forms of so-called strangulation credit:

  • an interest credit or interest-only credit where you only pay interest and no repayment
  • a revolving credit where you pay 1% per month in interest and repayment of the credit limit. But if the interest rate rises to, for example, 12%, you actually have an interest / redemption-free credit.

If you have ever taken out a revolving credit with variable interest rates and that interest has only started to rise over the years, chances are you are dealing with a strangulation loan. The interest charges have become so high that you only pay interest and pay nothing. This means that the debt remains open and your situation is hopeless.

Ultimately, there is some form of prospect on paper as you approach the maximum loan termination age. The credit must be reduced before you reach this age. This age may differ per bank. Customers are offered a higher monthly charge (depending on the interest) and the credit is blocked for withdrawals, so that the credit is compulsorily reduced. Practice shows that these customers are no longer able to bear the higher monthly costs because of their changed income / costs during the term of the loan.

Transfer strangulation credit to personal loan

The solution to get rid of your strangulation loan is to switch the 'old' revolving credit to a personal loan with a fixed interest and a pre-agreed term. Your strangulation loan becomes a 'normal' loan and you know that you will be off your loan after a certain period. The interest rate that you will pay with this new loan is a lot lower than the loan of your old revolving credit. Request a quote so that you can see in an overview what savings it will bring you each month and within what period you have repaid your loan.

Now that the (fixed) interest of a personal interest is historically low (fixed for 10 years from 4.5%), it has never been more interesting to transfer a credit to a personal loan.

Transfer loan

With Snaploan Online you can also refinance other types of loans in addition to strangulation credits . These can be personal loans and revolving credit, but also loans in the form of installment purchases . Think of a Wehkamp loan ( 14% interest! Indexation: 12/30/2016) or a car financing without interest .

Convert loan

During the transfer, it is also possible to convert your loan into another loan form. For example, you can convert your revolving credit into a personal loan and vice versa. A combination credit can also be an option.

Merge Loans

If you have several loans, you can also combine them into one loan. Even then it is possible to opt for a revolving credit or a personal loan. If you are a home owner, an Own home revolving credit or personal loan can be an option.

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