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What is the interest rate for overdrafts at Rabobank?

Frequently asked questions about problems with borrowing money

The interest that banks like Rabobank charge for overdrafts varies from 8% to 15%. The exact interest depends on the maximum amount that you can be overdrawn at Rabobank. Rabobank offers the option of being overdrawn to absorb temporary fluctuations in income. But research by the AFM shows that many consumers see overdrafts at banks like Rabobank as a structural supplement to their income. Due to the high interest rate, being in the red is one of the most expensive forms of borrowing money.

Do you still want to pay extra financial reserves but less interest? Instead of being in the red via, for example, Rabobank, we recommend a revolving credit. A revolving credit offers you an extra reserve, just like an overdraft with Rabobank, but at a much lower interest rate. The minimum interest rate for a revolving credit via the Dutch Credit Company is currently 3.5%. Go to our revolving credit page for more information about taking out a revolving credit and the associated interest or read the article ' Being in the red at banks is expensive ' about being in the red at banks such as Rabobank.

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