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How can I calculate the cumulative interest?

Frequently asked questions about calculations and formulas

The cumulative interest is the total interest you pay on a loan. With a revolving credit, the cumulative interest cannot be determined exactly in advance. Because the interest is variable, extra money can be repaid and withdrawn in the meantime, which ensures a variable (theoretical) term, the exact cumulative interest cannot be calculated in advance. The cumulative interest over a certain period can be calculated exactly afterwards.

With a personal loan, the cumulative interest that you pay is easy to calculate. The interest and term with a personal loan are fixed. In addition, no money can be withdrawn in the meantime, so that the repayment schedule (declining annuity) is also fixed and the cumulative interest is easy to calculate.

In addition to complicated formulas for calculating the cumulative interest, it is also possible to manually calculate the cumulative interest of revolving credit or a personal loan: Installment amount x (Theoretical) Term = Total amount to be paid - / - loan amount = Cumulative interest.

Download an excel file with the calculation of the cumulative interest .

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