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Can I also borrow money from Rabobank through Snaploan Online?

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To borrow money, we work together with InterBank , Defam and De Nederlandse Voorschotbank , instead of with Rabobank. It is not possible to borrow money from Rabobank through us. For borrowing money, our partners work exclusively with professional intermediaries such as the Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij. This collaboration results in lower personnel, marketing and office costs than at Rabobank, so that our partners can make you a more competitive offer for borrowing money than Rabobank. In addition, we mediate without advice, which means that borrowing money through us is cheaper than at Rabobank.

While Rabobank is a widely operating financial services provider, our partners are specialized in providing consumer credit. Thanks to our shared specialism and because our system is precisely tailored to the systems of our partners, we can process your request for borrowing money more quickly compared to Rabobank. In contrast to Rabobank, you will receive quotes from our partners within one working day and you will have access to the credit within two working days after returning the loan agreement. View our loans or request a quote without obligation.

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