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Which allowances count towards my assessment income?

Frequently asked questions about income

When applying for your loan, we look at your income and, if applicable, at the income of your partner. We call this the test or test income. Surcharges in the sense of extra income may be included in the benchmark income.

Together with your application you must submit three payslips on which the allowances are stated so that it can be demonstrated that the allowances are fixed and not incidental. You may include the allowances below in the calculation of your test income :

  • Irregularity allowance
  • Shift allowance
  • Years of Service Allowance
  • Experience allowance
  • Hazard surcharge
  • Surcharge on adverse circumstances
  • Personal allowance
  • Weekend bonus
  • Night shift supplement
  • Consignment surcharge
  • Performance fee
  • Pay allowance
  • Schedule Surcharge
  • Currency exchange fee
  • Overtime allowance
  • Job allowance
  • Diploma fee
  • Commission

Surcharges / income that you can not take with you as income are:

  • Guarantee surcharge
  • Picket surcharge
  • Saving salary
  • Holiday supplement
  • Travel allowance
  • Bonuses
  • Profit sharing
  • Holiday pay
  • Representation allowance
  • Car expense allowance
  • Child benefits
  • Allowance for school costs
  • Redundancy pay
  • Temporary annuity
  • Tax refund for medical expenses
  • Income from investment account
  • Alimony
  • Personal budget
  • Rental income
  • Cash income

You will receive the allowances for care allowance, child-related budget, childcare allowance and housing allowance from the Tax Authorities as a supplement to your income because you fall below a certain income threshold. These allowances also do not count as extra income and may not be included in the calculation of your test income.

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