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When do you benefit from interest deduction on your loan?

Frequently asked questions about interest

Since 1 January 2013, you only benefit from interest deduction if the loan is intended for the purchase, improvement or maintenance of an owner-occupied home. Loans with tax-deductible interest from Snaploan Online are: the Personal Loan and the Renovation Credit . A Personal Loan with interest deduction only applies if it is used for the purchase or renovation of your owner-occupied home. You cannot use interest deduction when taking out a consumer loan.

The Personal Loan and the Renovation Credit have a maximum term of 10 years. You benefit from the interest deduction for the entire term of the loan. A tax interest deduction also applies to any residual debt after the sale of your home. A loan for this residual debt is tax-deductible for a maximum of 10 years. In addition to a Personal Loan, you can opt for Continuous Credit to finance the residual debt. You can also use the interest deduction for your residual debt with a Revolving Credit.

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