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What is the interest on a revolving credit?

Frequently asked questions about interest

The interest on a Revolving Credit is variable. This means that the interest rate of a Revolving Credit depends on the current interest rate. In addition, the level of your credit limit for the Revolving Credit and your personal situation also influence the interest. The interest rate for a Revolving Credit with a high credit limit is lower than the interest rate for a Revolving Credit with a low credit limit. Because the costs such as administration costs with a low credit limit are relatively high in relation to a high credit limit, the interest on a Revolving Credit with a low credit limit is higher.

To repay a Continuous Credit, you pay a fixed amount per month consisting of interest and repayment. If the interest rate rises, you pay more interest and you repay less of the Revolving Credit. At a lower interest rate, the reverse applies: you pay less interest, but repay more. With a Revolving Credit you can always make extra repayments without penalty. If you choose to make additional repayments, the balance of the Revolving Credit will be lower, so that you pay less interest and repay more. The interest on the Revolving Credit is calculated on the credit that you actually use. View the overview of the interest rates for the current interest rate for a Revolving Credit at De Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij.

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