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What is the average interest on a loan?

Frequently asked questions about interest

The average interest on a loan depends on various factors . The average interest that you pay for a loan depends on the type of loan, the amount and the duration of the loan. The average interest for a revolving credit is usually lower than the average interest for a personal loan. For both credit products, the interest rate decreases as the amount of credit increases. The relatively higher costs for a small loan compared to a large loan causes this decrease in the average interest rate. In addition, your personal situation affects the average interest on a credit. To determine the average interest on a loan, a lender looks at the debtor risk, including the ratio between your income and your expenses, your BKR payment history and your total assets.

When taking out a loan, it is wise not to decide solely on the basis of the lowest interest rate for a loan. We recommend that, in addition to the average interest rate, you also compare the terms and conditions of different lenders. The combination of a credit with a low average interest rate and unfavorable conditions, such as a penalty for early repayment, can ensure that you are still more expensive. Are you curious about how much interest you pay on average for a loan? Request a quote without obligation to compare the offer of our five partners or go to loan interest rate for an overview of our minimum interest for a loan.

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