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Taking out a loan is usually cheaper than a (second) mortgage, because the differences since the new mortgage rules of 2013 are small. The interest on a mortgage is often slightly lower, but the total costs for a mortgage are often a lot higher than for a credit. No additional notary, appraisal, closing and advice costs are charged for taking out a loan, which is the case with a mortgage. Calculated over the entire term, a credit is therefore usually cheaper than a mortgage.

The Dutch Credit Company offers various loans as an alternative to a mortgage, namely the Homeowners Personal Loan, the Personal Loan and the Renovation Loan. The Renovation Loan and the Personal Loan are, just like a mortgage, tax-deductible if they are used for renovation or improvement of the owner-occupied home . In addition, you can transfer a loan more easily than a mortgage, so that you can possibly use interesting conditions with another lender. Would you like more information about the advantages of a credit compared to a mortgage? Read the article personal loan cheaper than a mortgage or view our loans for an overview of our offer.

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