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Why are we cheaper than banks?

Frequently asked questions about the working method

We work completely digitally, so without the intervention of advisers. That is why it is possible to compare, apply for, conclude and repay (accelerated penalty-free) loans quickly, flawlessly and at low costs. An efficient and cost-saving method and you will notice that immediately in your wallet. You can borrow money from us at the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands, from 3.5%.

We are fully specialized in consumer credit. So no mortgages and no payment, savings or complex investment products, just a personal loan or revolving credit . Our specialists only deal in consumer credit and not in other financial products. That reduces costs. We work online, fast and error-free, without a network of bank branches with specialized credit banks that also only provide consumer credit.

No expensive advisers, no consultations and you decide for yourself which loan best suits your situation. This 'execution only' method means that we do not incur any consultancy costs for advisers and because you cooperate online yourself, the (process) costs are lower than at the banks.

More information about our working method and why our interest is lower than at the major banks? Read the blog article we wrote about this, 'Why our interest is lower than at the banks' .

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