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Remuneration policy for financial services

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How are we rewarded for our services?

Clarity and openness are our number one priority, no surprises afterwards, just know in advance where you stand. That is why we would like to provide you with insight into how we are rewarded for our services:

Consumptive credit

Personal Loan or Revolving Credit: It has been legally determined that we may only be rewarded by the provider (bank) of the credit for mediating consumer credit. We receive a fee (commission) from the provider of the credit for our services. This commission is part of the interest that the provider charges for the credit. The exact commission depends on the product, the provider, the interest and the amount of the credit. This varies between 0.5 percent and 2.5 percent per month of the outstanding balance and is only reimbursed if there is no arrears. In other words, we only benefit from responsible credit.

Our employees all receive a fixed salary, no bonus or commission. It is important to us that you are satisfied, that is all that matters!

Remission for Death

Remission in the event of death with a Personal Loan or Continuous Credit: This concerns a temporary (prematurely cancellable) life insurance policy. The insurance company with which we work does not reimburse us any commission from the (monthly) premium. We work with so-called net (monthly) premiums, so the premium does not include any commission, which allows us to offer the lowest death risk premium in the Netherlands.

We do, however, charge a fee for our mediation activities for the realization of the insurance. This fee will be collected by us after final acceptance of the insurance. The amount of the compensation is € 79.

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