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What is the BKR?

Frequently asked questions about problems with borrowing money

A BKR check when applying for a loan or mortgage - you have probably had to deal with that. But what exactly is the BKR and what does a negative or a positive BKR registration entail? Find out in this Question of the Month.

What is the BKR?

BKR is the abbreviation for Bureau Krediet Registration. This is a foundation that charts all loans taken out in the Netherlands. The aim of the foundation is to contribute to a financially healthy society through this registration. Every lender in the Netherlands is obliged to register credits from 250 us dollar with the BKR. The Dutch borrow quite a lot: there are more than 11 million credits registered with the BKR. This includes mortgages and private leases, but also less obvious loans such as overdrafts on your checking account and credit cards.

A BKR registration does not always have to be disadvantageous. What types of BKR registrations are there and how do they affect your options for obtaining a mortgage or loan?

Positive BKR registration

Do you have a positive BKR registration? Then you are officially a 'financially healthy' consumer. A positive BKR registration means that you have taken out one or more credits, but that there are no payment arrears. You always pay your bills and monthly installments properly. That is why you will not have any problems applying for another credit or mortgage.

Negative BKR registration

It will be a different story with a negative BKR registration. If payment arrears arise, you will receive a negative BKR registration. For a lender this means that you are not (always) financially healthy. The so-called arrears code (A-code) of a negative BKR registration also remains for a long time: up to five years after you have repaid your credit or made up arrears. Such an A code has negative consequences for taking out a mortgage.

A negative BKR registration: mortgage impossible?

It depends on. The higher the loan registered with the BKR, the less you can borrow for your mortgage anyway. Are there payment arrears on your loan? Then you will receive an A-coding. This is linked to a specific number and the higher this number, the heavier your negative BKR code counts. This makes it difficult to take out a mortgage or Personal Loan , but not yet impossible.

What can you do with a negative BKR registration?

Step 1. Statement. Do you have a negative BKR registration, but have you been out of financial trouble for a while? You can prepare a statement explaining clearly and logically why you got into trouble at the time. In this statement, you also provide a well-described situation outline showing that a repeated chance of financial problems is small. Even though everyone with a negative BKR registration is considered equal, such a statement can still help to get a mortgage.

Step 2. Pay off loan | Recovery code H. You must then be able to demonstrate that the loan (on which the payment arrears) has been paid in full.
Another option is a recovery code; you pay the arrears and thus get back on schedule with your payments. Then the letter H is added to the negative coding. This H can have a positive influence during your mortgage application.

BKR: Prevention is always better than cure

We keep reminding our customers: when it comes to your good money, preventing a negative BKR registration is always better than 'cure' it.
Do you still want to borrow money? There is nothing wrong with that in itself, as long as you can bear the financial obligations properly. With a financially healthy position you certainly increase the chance of a positive BKR registration. For those who borrow money responsibly for a one-off necessary expense, or to invest in themselves, a loan can certainly be useful.

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