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Loan for renovation

Responsible financing from 3.5%

You can finance a renovation in or on your home cheaply with a loan. The interest on your loan is tax deductible (under certain conditions). You can take out a loan online, when it suits you best. Our loans have low interest rates, favorable conditions and you do not pay any closing and advisory costs.

Borrow money online for a renovation

Many people used to co-finance a renovation in a mortgage. Nowadays this is only possible with equity or if your home increases in value through the renovation (appraisal required). Financing a renovation through a mortgage is also more expensive (a longer term, so higher total costs). And then there are the costs for advice, appraisal and notary.

A loan is a good alternative. A loan has a much shorter term, is usually cheaper and is based on your income, not the value of your home. You simply close it online and therefore do not incur any costs for advice, appraisal and notary.

Request a loan for a renovation without obligation and discover what the options are. Homeowners benefit from an extra low interest rate.

Read more about home and mortgage or view the Renovation Loan directly.

What is the average loan amount for a renovation?

The average loan amount for a renovation is € 27,500 and will be repaid within 8 to 10 years.


Why borrow from us?

  • Lowest interest rate in the Netherlands, at the best conditions
  • With one request a complete and realistic offer of 5 banks (including DEFAM and Interbank )
  • Compare interest, conditions and payment date in one overview
  • Request a quote without obligation and free of charge
  • Fast, error-free and inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee!

Financing with a Personal Loan

The Personal Loan is the most popular loan for a renovation. It is a loan that offers a lot of security and tax benefits. Because with a Personal Loan:

  • you know in advance exactly when you have repaid the loan;
  • if you own your own home, you benefit from interest deduction;
  • you borrow a fixed amount for your renovation that you pay off monthly at a fixed low interest rate.

Financing the renovation with a Combination Credit

Having an extension to your house or renovating your entire home is possible with a somewhat higher loan amount. This is possible with our Combination Credit . You can take out a loan up to € 150,000 . Thanks to this high loan amount, you can create extra living space or renovate your house.

The Combination Credit consists of two personal loans. If you also want a flexible part, you can opt for a part personal loan and a part revolving credit. In this, the fixed low interest rate of a personal loan is combined with a portion of money that can be flexibly withdrawn and spent.

If you choose a combination of two Personal Loans, the chance of your application being accepted is high and there are more options; the credit risk is spread out with 2 banks. This means that the risk for the bank is low and you benefit from a low interest rate. The interest on a personal loan is tax deductible. The favorable conditions apply for the entire term. You can make additional interim repayments on the loan without penalty so that you reduce your outstanding debt.

Green loan

Do you want to make your home more sustainable with solar panels, a heat pump or insulation? With us it is possible, with a green loan from 4.2%, especially for sustainable investments in your home.

Why a green loan?

A green loan is also called greenloans and is specifically intended to make homes more sustainable. What are the features and benefits of a green loan?

  • Greenloans is a Personal Loan of 5,000 us dollar to 50,000 us dollar, for sustainable investments in your home: insulation , solar panels , a heat pump . A green loan is often a bit cheaper than a 'normal' Personal one
    Loan and starts at 4.2%, with a term of up to 15 years.

  • Thanks to the online method and exclusive cooperation with specialized banks, we can offer the best conditions with one of the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands. You are usually cheaper with us than with a green loan through, for example, Rabobank or ING.

  • Fixed low interest and the interest is fixed during the term. You choose a responsible Personal Loan for energy saving and you know exactly when the loan will be repaid.

  • Additional interim repayments may always be made without penalty.

  • A green loan is usually tax deductible . Anyone who wants to borrow money online for solar panels can also reclaim the VAT. So double tax benefit!

  • It is not necessary to raise a mortgage for renovation. Via greenloans you finance a sustainable renovation with a much shorter term (maximum 15 years) than through your mortgage (30 years).

  • With a green loan, you simply borrow a fixed amount for a clear purpose and you do not have to justify yourself for everything, such as when increasing the mortgage or subsidy application.

Electric bicycle or car

You do not need to take out a special green loan with Snaploan Online to finance an electric bicycle or electric car . A personal loan with a fixed low interest rate is fine for these loan purposes.

Tips for your renovation

5 tips for when you want to renovate your home:

  • A mortgage only makes sense with a renovation from 25,000 us dollar. This is because when your mortgage is increased, your income and the home value are again looked at. You therefore pay advice, appraisal and notary fees again, together about € 3,500 us dollar. Only with a somewhat more expensive renovation from € 25,000 these costs are in proportion to the renovation.

    These costs are not added to a Personal Loan. The term is also lower (usually 10 years instead of a 30 year mortgage). As a result, you get rid of your debts much faster and you ultimately have less interest costs than with an extra mortgage.

  • Do not increase your mortgage, but have it refinanced. If you increase your mortgage, you pay a higher interest rate (risk premium) for the entire mortgage. Why? You borrow a higher amount and therefore pose a higher risk for the bank, warns the Consumers' Association . It may therefore be a good option to have the entire mortgage transferred if you are planning a renovation. Especially now that interest rates are still low.

  • Save receipts! This tip applies to consumers who opt for a Personal Loan for their renovation. You are usually entitled to a tax deduction of the interest. In that case, you must be able to demonstrate that the Personal Loan has been used for a renovation. So keep the receipts safe, the tax authorities can still ask for them years later.

  • Always try to make your home more sustainable during a renovation. That may seem obvious, but for many people it is not at all obvious. If you make your home more sustainable with a heat pump, solar panels or insulation, you increase the home value even more - on top of that beautiful new kitchen or dormer window. There is also a special green loan. This is always tax-deductible and you can also reclaim the VAT in case of sustainability. So extra tax benefit.

    Also useful to know: a green loan always comes from green funds.

  • Request quotes from various contractors. That may seem like a hassle, but it will ultimately yield a lot for you. With various quotations you get a good overview of the costs, (delivery) conditions and working method of the contractors. A renovation can be a significant invasion of your privacy and enjoyment of living, and it is nice if you have a good feeling about your contractor.


A Personal Loan for home improvement is tax deductible .

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