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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money


The monthly costs for borrowing money consist of part interest and part repayment. The interest is the payment to the bank for providing the loan. You repay the loan with the repayment part. You can repay the loan faster with extra or early repayments. Depending on the type of loan, different conditions apply for repayment.

Pay off a personal loan

With a personal loan, the amount that you pay off per month is the same during the term. You know in advance exactly when you have repaid the loan. If you want to make additional repayments during the term of the personal loan, you pay an amount for this. Read more about repaying with the characteristics of a personal loan .

Repay revolving credit

You pay variable interest for a revolving credit. Which part of your monthly payment is interest and which part of repayment depends on the current interest. When the interest rate rises, the repayment part becomes smaller and it takes longer to repay the loan. With a revolving credit you can repay all or part of the loan during the term without costs. Read more about repaying at the characteristics of a revolving credit .

Current interest rates

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