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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money for vacation

Travel carefree with a loan from 3.5%

Finally make that dream trip. Or just ready for a well-deserved vacation? If you do not have sufficient financial resources yourself, borrowing money is a good option. We like to help you. With a responsible loan at a low interest rate. Simply online , at a time that suits you. So that you can enjoy your holiday carefree.

Borrow money for the holidays

With us you can take out a loan online for your holiday. In a responsible manner at a low interest rate. For this we work together with renowned banks. Banks specializing in lending to private individuals. Thanks to this collaboration and our online working method, we both save a lot of costs. This way you can borrow money cheaper and you have money left over for your holiday.

Holiday credit

With a Revolving Credit you always have enough money on hand. Very handy for traveling. And if you do not yet know exactly how much money you need. It offers plenty of financial freedom, anywhere in the world. Because a Revolving Credit:

  • does not have a fixed deadline on which you must repay the loan;
  • has a maximum withdrawal amount, but you determine exactly how much money you withdraw;
  • offers the option to re-withdraw amounts repaid.

Holiday loan

Would you prefer more security and borrow a fixed amount? Then think of a Personal Loan . This way you always know exactly where you stand. Because a Personal Loan:

  • has a fixed low interest rate;
  • has a fixed term, so you know in advance exactly when you will pay off the loan;
  • you repay monthly with a fixed amount of interest and repayment.

Do you not yet know which loan suits you best? Use our online loan guide and discover it immediately.

Low variable interest from 4.5%

Low interest rates that can rise or fall in the meantime.

Always extra money on hand

For optimal financial freedom.

Paid out within a few days

The amount will be on your account 2 working days after signing the contract.

Responsible acceptance criteria

Borrow money responsibly with your interests in mind.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Current interest rates

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