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House and mortgage

Everything about borrowing cheap money for your home and mortgage

Borrow money for a renovation, residual home debt or to pay off your mortgage. That is easy with us. In a responsible way and simply online. At a time that suits you. Discover the possibilities and read all about borrowing for your home and mortgage here.

Borrow money for your home

It starts with choosing a suitable loan. Which loan suits you best depends on your wishes. If you are borrowing for a specific purpose, a Personal Loan is a good option. Thanks to the fixed interest rate and term, you always know where you stand. Are you not sure yet how much money you need? Think of a Revolving Credit. You can pay off a residual debt with both loans.

Borrow cheaply as a home owner

If you have your own home, you often borrow at an extra low interest rate. Your own home gives the bank more security. That is why they offer you an extra advantageous interest rate. In addition, you can also borrow longer and more money as a home owner. And there are more loan options for homeowners with a temporary employment contract. Plenty of extra benefits.

Borrow money for your mortgage

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but you can also use a Personal Loan or Revolving Credit to partially repay your mortgage. Thanks to a repayment on your mortgage, you often end up in a lower risk class. As a result, you pay less interest on the total mortgage. This way you can save a lot of money.

Low interest

Borrow money cheaply online

Borrow money for renovation

Take out a loan online to finance your renovation.

Pay off a mortgage

Pay off your mortgage with an affordable loan.

Financing residual debt

Pay off your residual debt inexpensively.

Close online

At a time that suits you, without any closing or commission costs.

Loan or mortgage

Where in the past people often opted for an extra or increased mortgage, nowadays people are increasingly opting for a loan for their home. For example to finance a renovation or residual debt. We have listed the benefits for you.

Loan benefits

Do you want a loan for your home for less than € 25,000 and a term of less than 10 years? Then choose a loan.

The interest on a loan is often slightly higher than on a mortgage. But, the total price is lower. Because you do not pay any advice, closing, notary and appraisal costs for a loan. In addition, you can usually make extra repayments without penalty.

Shorter term
In contrast to the long, fixed term of a mortgage, you determine the term for a loan yourself.

Taking out a mortgage takes at least 4 to 6 weeks. With a loan you often have access to your money within one week.

Easy transfer
You can often easily transfer a loan to take advantage of a better offer from another bank. If you refinance a mortgage, you often pay a fine and again costs for advice, the notary and appraisal.

Benefits of a mortgage

Do you want to borrow more than € 50,000 and a term longer than 10 years? Then an extra mortgage is probably a good option.

The interest on a mortgage is usually lower than that on a loan.

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

solar panels solar panels

Your own solar factory at home. Many people dream of it. If you do not have the money yourself, you can always opt for a responsible loan. Because solar panels are a smart investment that saves you money on your energy bill every month.

Loan for solar panels
home furnishings home furnishings

Borrow money inexpensively for furnishing your home. That is possible with us. Simply online, without time-consuming appointments. At a low interest rate and at renowned banks.

Loan for a home furnishing
Boat Boat

Sailing with your own boat, yacht or sailing ship is within reach if you take out a loan. Or you want to purchase a sloop to rent it out. It's a major purchase, but a loan will help finance your vessel.

Loan for a boat

All loan purposes

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