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Renovation loan

Financing a renovation with a low interest rate from 3.5%

A renovation of your home can turn your home into your dream home! Most people quickly think of taking out or increasing a mortgage to finance such a renovation. But you can also think of a loan, or consumer credit, for the renovation of your home. In most cases it will turn out that the total costs of a consumer credit are often lower than the costs of a mortgage.

Loan vs Mortgage

Although the interest is often slightly higher than with a mortgage, you will often be cheaper with a loan in total.

The advantages

The advantages of a renovation loan compared to a mortgage at a glance:

  • In contrast to taking out a mortgage, there are no extra costs associated with a loan; such as closing costs, consultancy costs, notary costs and brokerage costs.

  • You can match the duration exactly with the lifespan of the renovation

  • Extra repayments on your loan penalty-free

  • Paid out within a few days; where it can sometimes take weeks to take out a mortgage, when taking out a consumer credit, you can already have the amount of money within a few days after signing the contracts

What is the average loan amount for a renovation?

The average loan amount for a renovation is € 27,500 and will be repaid within 8 to 10 years.


What options are there for your renovation loan?

What options do you have if you want to take out a loan for the renovation of your house?


It is often known that the interest costs of a mortgage are tax deductible. But even if you use your loan for the renovation of your owner-occupied home, the interest costs of your loan are tax-deductible . This only applies if you opt for a personal loan or a combination credit.

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A Personal Loan for home improvement is tax deductible .

Fixed extra low interest from 3.5%

Homeowners benefit from additional interest savings.

Paid out within a few days

The amount will be on your account 2 working days after signing the contract.

No notary and appraisal costs

Unlike with increasing your mortgage, there are no additional costs with a loan.

Current interest rates

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