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Financing your heat pump online

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Save on your energy costs with a heat pump

"A heat pump is a good alternative to the well-known central heating boiler. It can save 50 to 90% gas."

What does a heat pump do?

Just like a central heating boiler, a heat pump provides heating for your house. A heat pump is a good alternative to the well-known central heating boiler. It can deliver 50 to 90% gas savings.

There are various types of heat pumps. Hybrid pumps and self-contained pumps extract heat from the outside air, via a fan. Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground with long pipes.

The heat pump then ensures that the heat obtained can be delivered to the home.

The installation of a heat pump is very expensive. To finance this substantial investment, you can take out a loan through De Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij.

Good insulation

Good insulation is necessary for the commissioning of a heat pump. If your house is not well insulated, it will take a long time for the heat pump to get the house up to temperature. The efficiency of the heat pump is then greatly reduced.

Do you not yet have a well-insulated home? Or do you want to increase your energy label ? Then view the options for financing the insulation through a loan . Of course you can also combine this investment with the purchase of a heat pump, so that you have one clear loan .

Investment in a heat pump with tax benefits

Because your gas consumption drops sharply, your energy costs will decrease. This means that you transfer money to your energy bill every month.

When you take out a personal loan with the aim of improving your home using a heat pump, you can take advantage of a tax benefit. The interest costs on your loan are then deductible. This means that your net costs will be lower.

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