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Borrow money for a second home

Responsible financing from 3.5% fixed interest

Invest your savings in a holiday home by the sea. Or in an apartment in the city for your studying children. Smart, especially now that your savings yield little return. But you often also need additional financing. Because your savings are not sufficient or because you want to keep your savings on hand. We are happy to help you. That is why you can read all about the financing options for a second home here.

Financing a second home with a mortgage or loan

A second mortgage for your holiday home or investment property is often difficult. Due to the strict rules, banks are not eager to provide a mortgage on a second home. Certainly not if you want to rent out. And if they do at all, it's often for a small loan amount with extra built-in security for the bank and additional costs.

Consumer credit is a good alternative to financing a second home. A loan is arranged faster than a mortgage and you do not pay any closing or advice costs and other extra costs such as appraisal and notary fees.

Differences in mortgage and loan for a second home

  • A mortgage often has a slightly lower interest rate than a loan, but due to the longer term, the financing often costs you more than with a loan.
  • You will need your own money for mortgage financing. Most banks do not finance more than 75% of the amount at a second home. You can finance the full amount with a loan.
  • You pay additional costs for the notary, advice and the broker for a mortgage. You do not pay any extra costs with a loan.

Financing a recreational home

Many people dream of a holiday home . How much and under what conditions you can borrow obviously depends on your financial situation. In addition, the sustainability of the holiday home also has an influence. This means that you will get more funding for a stone house than for a wooden chalet or a mobile home .

Use our online calculation tool and we will immediately give you an indication of your loan options.

family enjoy recreation home

Financing a holiday home with a loan

You can choose from two types of loan: a personal loan or a combination credit to finance your second home.

Financing with a Personal Loan

  • You borrow a fixed amount once at a fixed term and fixed interest from 3.5%.
  • The bank pays you the loan amount in one go.
  • Fixed term: you know in advance exactly on what date the loan was repaid.
  • You can always make extra repayments without penalty to pay off the loan faster.

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Financing with a Combination Credit

Thanks to our combination credit, borrowing an extra high loan amount is possible. The loans are placed with several partner banks and the risk is thus spread. This offers more and better options: a high loan amount up to € 150,000 and a low interest rate.

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Why borrow from us?

  • Lowest fixed interest from 3.5%
  • Request a quote without obligation and free of charge
  • With one request a complete and realistic offer of 5 banks in one overview
  • Compare interest, conditions and payment date in one overview
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Fast, error-free and inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee!

Tips for financing a second home

  • General tips for financing a second home
  • Buying a second home for a child
  • Buying a house in Turkey
  • Financing investment property

General tips for financing a second home

General tips for financing a second home

  • Only invest money that you can spare for a while. The money is stuck in stones and cannot be released just like that.
  • Do not invest all your savings, but provide a financial buffer. Use the Nibud Buffer Calculator and discover how much you ideally keep on hand.
  • Try to rent out your second home. Make a realistic expectation of the expected return: what type of holiday home is it, what about the facilities, location and accessibility? Good to know: as long as you regularly stay in the house and rental is an afterthought, you do not pay tax on the rental income. This way you get even more out of your investment.
  • Take into account additional costs such as wealth tax on your second home, commuter tax, and city taxes in the municipality of your second home.
  • Insure your second home properly. It is wise to protect such a large investment as your holiday home in your own country or abroad against unforeseen issues. Suppose you buy a second home in an area with extreme weather conditions (snow, sun, wind) or in a city with many burglaries. Then good insurance is indispensable.
  • Note: A Personal Loan for a renovation of your first home is usually tax deductible. This does not apply to the renovation of a second home.
  • Note: The mortgage interest on a second home is never deductible.

At How much can I borrow , we immediately give you an indication of your borrowing options.

Buying a second home for a child

Buying a second home for a child

Investing your money in a home for your child is fun for you and your child. You help him or her with the first steps in the housing market. And you yourself benefit from capital growth, rental income and you pay less capital gains tax on the house. Because according to the tax authorities, the value of your second home decreases due to rental. That is why you pay less tax.

If you want to supplement your equity with a loan for a second home for your child, you have come to the right place.

Request a proposal without obligation and usually receive a customized loan proposal the same working day.

Buying a house in Turkey

Buying a house in Turkey

Can you picture yourself? In your holiday home under the Turkish sun, while enjoying the Turkish food and the Mediterranean Sea?

A second home in Turkey is a profitable investment. The Turkish lira has fallen sharply in value, so you can have your own holiday home for a relatively low amount. To enjoy yourself or to rent out, for example.

Buying a house in Turkey

Financing investment property

Financing investment property

We are also happy to help you if you simply want to invest in real estate. With a responsible loan to supplement your equity. So that you have enough money for your investment without investing all your savings. This way you ensure that your savings pay off and that you have enough money on hand for unexpected expenses.

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