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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money for landscaping

Redesign your garden or create a completely new garden at a new-build house. Landscaping a garden is not cheap. If your savings are not sufficient, you can still get financing for the new garden thanks to taking out a loan. With us you can borrow money online for your garden landscaping cheaply and at no extra cost. Via the loan guide you will gain insight into the possibilities and you will see our favorable interest rates.

Increase loan or mortgage

For homeowners, increasing a mortgage or taking out a second mortgage can be an option to pay for the new yard. When buying a house, you can co-finance your garden: you increase your mortgage. If you already have a house but your garden needs to be replaced, you can take out a second mortgage. Financing of the landscaping via a mortgage has a term of 30 years. The interest rate is low, but when taking out or increasing a mortgage, you pay extra costs such as advice and notary fees and brokerage fees for determining the appraisal value.

In 2017 you can still finance up to 101% of the value. From 2018 this will be reduced to 100%. Little room is left to co-finance the garden with the mortgage. Combination credit , part personal loan and part revolving credit , is increasingly being applied for to finance these types of loan purposes.

A loan has a maximum term of 10 years. The interest is higher, but the loan is fully repaid after 10 years ; 20 years earlier than with a mortgage. We do not charge closing and advice costs and you do not have to go to the notary and broker. That saves costs and it is arranged faster.

What is the average loan amount for a renovation?

The average loan amount for a renovation is € 27,500 and will be repaid within 8 to 10 years.


Personal loan: interest tax deductible

Taking out a personal loan for your garden has the additional advantage that the interest on the loan is tax deductible. This benefit rule is intended for loans taken out for the improvement or renovation of a house and / or garden . A revolving credit does not offer a tax advantage . It does give extra financial scope because the loan amount is not paid in full once. With a personal loan you receive the full loan amount to be able to pay for the garden landscaping immediately.

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