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Financing the bathroom

You can finance your new bathroom from 3.5%

"With us, you can borrow at low interest rates and with favorable terms and conditions without time-consuming consultations. You choose the loan that suits you best online and we will then arrange the rest for you."

Borrow money for a bathroom

The old bathroom needs to be replaced, but how do you finance this renovation? We can offer you a personal loan or revolving credit, depending on your wishes, at a low interest rate and with favorable conditions. Whether the renovation of the bathroom is small or large, we have a suitable loan for every loan amount. You can easily close it online without the need for time-consuming consultations.

Financing the cost of your new bathroom by increasing your mortgage may also be an option; however, in most cases you are more expensive . This is because of the extra additional costs to the notary, appraiser and you pay closing and advice costs. You do not pay these costs in the case of a loan.

Personal loan: Tax benefit

A personal loan is the most frequently chosen form of loan for financing a bathroom. Most people then opt for a term of 120 months. The combination of duration and costs is the most favorable in this case.

This loan form has a fixed interest; You fix the current low interest rate for the entire term , which is also fixed. These are the characteristics of a personal loan. Thanks to the fixed interest and term, you also pay the same costs for interest and repayment every month. Some form of borrowing; the loan is fully paid off on the maturity date.

As a homeowner, you will benefit from a lower interest rate and are eligible for deductible interest expenses. This tax benefit applies to a loan that is taken out for home improvement . A revolving credit does not offer this tax advantage.

What is the average loan amount for a renovation?

The average loan amount for a renovation is € 27,500 and will be repaid within 8 to 10 years.


Revolving credit

The ability to withdraw repaid amounts again is a basic feature of the flexibility of a revolving credit. This credit has a variable interest rate and term . With a personal loan, the bank pays you the loan amount once, with the credit you determine which amount you want to withdraw at what time. So you can keep (extra) money on hand for unforeseen expenses or repairs.

Free extra redemption

You may make extra interim repayments penalty-free on both loan types. You do not have to pay a fine, even if you pay off the loan in full early. This may still be the case on old personal loans; This penalty clause is no longer included in the conditions for new loans.

Request a quote without obligation

Request a quote for the financing of your bathroom without any obligation and free of charge . You will receive one overview containing the proposals from our four partner banks. Clear overview of all interest rates and amounts next to each other so that you can make a choice for the best proposal. You can also use our loan guide if you are unsure about the loan form to choose. We work quickly, flawlessly and discreetly.

Transfer loan

Have you taken out a loan for your bathroom through another lender but are you paying high interest? You can transfer the loan to us free of charge via our online transfer service. As soon as the loan has been taken out, you will benefit from our low interest and favorable conditions. For example, do you already have a car loan or a loan for your kitchen? You can combine the loans into one loan so that you have a better overview and start paying a lower interest. The interest for a high loan amount is lower than the interest for a low loan amount.

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