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Financing long lease

If you buy a home (whether or not through a mortgage), you own the home. You are not necessarily the owner of the land on which the house is located. The purchase agreement specifies who owns the land. Is and will the land remain the property of someone else, in most cases the municipality? Then you only have the right to use the land. We call this leasehold. You then pay a fee for the use of the land.

Cost leasehold

Annual lease payments entail costs. You use the land that you have on loan and you pay a fee for it. You can compare the term leasehold with a lease. In that case you pay monthly rent, in the case of ground lease you pay a ground rent. This is the name for the annual amount that you pay to the lessor. The amount of the ground rent is determined by the value of the land and the percentage that the lessor charges.

Leasehold buy off

You can buy off the leasehold of your home at most municipalities. That is always for a certain time; for a longer period of time between 75 and 100 years. Eternal redemption is also an option. You pay a one-off lump sum. You can finance this high amount with a consumer credit. Buying off the leasehold has two advantages:

  • It prevents an increase in housing costs
  • You benefit from an increase in the value of the land


Both the ground rent that you have to pay and the one-off lump sum payment both give you a tax advantage. The interest costs are tax deductible.

Take out a combination credit

You can take out a combination credit to buy off the ground lease. You borrow the extra high loan amount up to € 150,000 divided over two personal loans. We distribute these loans to different banks so that you pay an extra low interest rate. Because the costs regarding leasehold fall under the heading of home improvement, you borrow with a tax benefit; interest costs are deductible.

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