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Financing an extension inexpensively with a responsible loan. That is possible with us. Simply online, without time-consuming appointments or expensive advice and closing costs. As a home owner you benefit from an extra low interest rate and - under certain conditions - a tax benefit.

What does an extension cost?

Is moving currently not an option, but do you want more living space in your home? An extension often offers a solution. You increase your living space by an extension in the kitchen, living room, garage or bay window. With an extension, you not only increase your enjoyment of living, but also the home value.

An extension adds a separate room to the house, but it does not necessarily provide additional living space. For example a carport, utility room or (closed) glass conservatory. The new construction is not intended as part of the living space, such as with an extension.

The costs of an extension start at approximately US $ 12,500 for 6 m2. Naturally, the total price depends on the size, foundation, choice of material and finish. The facade must be broken through and the extension becomes one big whole with the house. That is why in many cases you will also have to engage an architect for a good design.

You can generally expect an amount between US $ 12,500 and US $ 50,000 for a successful expansion.

What is the average loan amount for an extension?

The average loan amount for an extension / renovation is € 27,500 and will be repaid within 8 to 10 years.

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Financing an extension with a Personal Loan

A Personal Loan is the most used and responsible loan form to pay for an extension. Because with a Personal Loan:

  • you benefit from a fixed low interest rate that is tax deductible . The interest is now even historically low, you can borrow from 3.5%.
  • you know in advance exactly when you will pay off the loan.
  • You borrow an agreed amount for your extension once, which you pay off monthly with a fixed amount in repayment and interest.
  • you can always make extra repayments in between without penalty

Combination credit as a form of loan for expansion

Do the costs for your extension exceed USD 50,000 or do you want to include the extension in a larger renovation? Then a combination credit might be a great option for you. This loan, which combines the best of a Personal Loan and a revolving credit or consists of two staggered Personal Loans, is particularly suitable for people who need a high loan amount (more than 50,000 us dollars).

The loans are placed with several partner banks and thanks to this risk spreading, you benefit from low interest rates and favorable conditions. If you opt for two Personal Loans, the interest costs of both loans are tax deductible.

Advantages of a combination credit:

  • Security of a Personal Loan
  • High loan amount possible with low interest rate
  • With two Personal Loans, the interest costs for both loans are tax deductible

You can request a quote immediately. You can calculate how much you can borrow and at what interest rate via our calculation modules.

Why borrow from us?

  • Compare interest, conditions and payment date in 1 overview
  • With 1 request a complete and realistic offer of 5 banks.
  • 100% online and therefore cheaper than the big banks.
  • Specialized in credits only
  • Always pay extra without penalty

3. Tips for your new extension

  1. Check with your municipality whether you need a permit for your extension. A permit is almost always required for an extension to the side or front (environmental permit). With an extension at the rear, you are often allowed to expand to a depth of 2.5 m on the ground floor without a permit.
  2. Always request multiple quotes from contractors (and architects if necessary). Go through the quotations carefully on the costs for preparation, material, implementation and - the caveat - the additional costs if the renovation is delayed or more expensive. One contractor will include an estimate for additional work in the quotation, the other will include a separate clause about the additional costs. You can often also reduce costs by taking care of the finishing yourself or by carrying out (small) jobs yourself.
  3. Have a plan of action so you know when what will be done and by whom. You discuss this action plan with the contractor. This way you keep a close eye on progress and you will not be faced with too many surprises if delays or unexpected circumstances arise.

We wish you a lot of living pleasure with your beautiful new extension!

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