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On the road with your own motorcycle: the ultimate feeling of freedom. But there is a price tag attached to that. Discover here how you can easily take out a responsible motorcycle loan. With financial tips, a calculation example and the benefits of different loans in a row.

Choose the right loan for your motorcycle

Most customers opt for a Personal Loan if they borrow money for a car or motorcycle. Because with a Personal Loan the term and interest are fixed and the interest is currently historically low. In addition, the term of the loan can be precisely tailored to the useful life / life of the car or motorcycle.

Personal Loan Benefits

  • Fixed low interest from 3.5%.
  • Borrow a fixed amount once.
  • Fixed term. You know in advance exactly when you have repaid the loan.
  • Adjust the running time to the desired monthly period or use / life of the motor.
  • Additional repayments are always allowed and are free of penalties.

Why borrow from us?

  • With one request a complete and realistic offer of 5 banks in one overview
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Calculation example motorcycle loan

Suppose you buy a motorcycle for € 10,000 and you want to repay the loan within 5 years. You have € 2,000 in savings, but you also need € 1,000 for accessories and clothing. Then your loan looks like this:

Personal loan for motorbike

Motor costs

€ 10,000

Cost of accessories

€ 1,000


€ 2,000

Required loan amount

€ 9,000

Interest loan

5.7% *

Monthly costs (repayment & interest)

€ 172

Total loan costs

€ 10,329

* The final interest rate also depends on your home, work and living situation.

Make your own calculation easy and fast with our interest calculation tool .

Tips for financing a motorcycle

4 useful tips for financing a motorcycle:

  • Beware of installment purchases
    You can buy on installment at many dealers. Beware of this! You often have to pay an extremely high interest. Moreover, you hardly have any room for negotiation because you finance the engine at the dealer. So always compare several options and read the conditions carefully.
    If you do not finance the engine at the dealer, you have much more freedom of negotiation for more discount / better trade-in.

  • Do financial homework
    Do not only study the engine of your dreams, but also find the best way to finance it. You can think of the monthly costs, penalties for extra repayments, term, the lowest interest and the best conditions. Important: know the maximum you can borrow and how much you want to borrow in order to be able to bear the monthly costs of the financing responsibly and safely. This way you will be well prepared to find an engine from the dealer that also suits your financial situation.

  • Choose a run time that suits the usage time of your engine
    This way you prevent that you still pay for your motorcycle loan when you no longer have the motorcycle. Most people do not want to pay 10 years interest and repayment for their motor and therefore choose a shorter term with slightly higher monthly costs. Another option is to opt for a longer term, with lower monthly costs. During the term, you then make additional repayments (with, for example, holiday pay, 13th month, profit sharing or a stock market windfall) so that you can still pay off your loan earlier. You may repay all our Personal Loans in the interim without penalty.

  • Take extra costs into account
    Riding a motorcycle requires safe clothing and accessories. And then there are the maintenance costs. A motorbike can easily cost € 100 per month. These costs are in addition to the costs for your loan. Keep this in mind when financing your motorcycle.

Borrowing money for a motorcycle license or car is also possible

Do you already have a motorcycle in mind but still need to get your motorcycle license? You can also contact us for financing your motorcycle license.

The average costs for a motorcycle license are between 1100 and 1700 us dollar: trial lesson, 20 lessons and the 3 compulsory exams (Vehicle Control, Practice exam and Theory exam). For those who do not pass the first time: taking the exams costs about 500 us dollars each time.

You can of course also finance your driving license with the motorcycle. You can borrow from us from € 5,000.

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Our method

As a consumer credit specialist, we only provide online loans. For this we work together with 5 renowned and specialized partner banks . They provide the loan, we arrange everything around it.
You request a quote, compare the offer from the banks (always realistic) and supply the requested files.
You can count on the agreed amount on your account within 2 working days. Thanks to this collaboration, our online working method and execution-only policy , a motorcycle loan with us is always one of the cheapest in the Netherlands.

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