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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money for saving energy

More sustainable living and a low interest rate from 3.5%

Saving energy is good for the environment and your wallet. Think of home insulation, solar panels or double glazing. If you do not have enough money yourself, choose a responsible loan. At a low interest rate and often with interest deduction. Simply online and without advice. You choose the loan and we take care of the rest.

Borrow money for saving energy

Borrow money for energy-saving measures at home. That is easy with us. Request a quote without obligation and we will send you the offer from our partner banks within 24 hours. Our partners are renowned banks that lend money through specialists like us. In this way we both do what we are good at, we save a lot of costs and you can borrow money cheaper. In a responsible way.

Loan or mortgage ?

Financing energy-saving measures with a Personal Loan

Most of our customers choose a Personal Loan to save energy. You borrow a fixed amount that is paid out in one go. And benefits from interest deduction if you use the loan to improve your owner-occupied home. With a Personal Loan:

  • you benefit from a fixed low interest rate;
  • you determine together with the bank within how many months you will pay off the loan;
  • you borrow a fixed amount for energy saving that you pay off monthly with a fixed amount in repayment and interest.

A Revolving Credit to save energy

A Revolving Credit for energy saving is also possible. It's a great option if you don't know exactly how much money you need yet. Or if you would like to have extra money on hand. A Revolving Credit is not tax deductible, but offers a lot of flexibility. Because with a Revolving Credit:

  • you can always withdraw repaid amounts again;
  • you determine exactly how much money you withdraw, up to the credit limit;
  • you always have extra money on hand, because there is no fixed deadline by which the loan must be repaid.

Do you not yet know which loan suits you best? Use our online loan guide and discover it immediately.


A Personal Loan for home improvement is tax deductible .

Fixed extra low interest from 3.5%

Homeowners benefit from additional interest savings.

Paid out within a few days

The amount will be on your account 2 working days after signing the contract.

No notary and appraisal costs

Unlike with increasing your mortgage, there are no additional costs with a loan.

Current interest rates

Request a quote without obligation