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Borrowing responsibly for a sustainable home from 3.5% interest.

Sustainable living is the future. A sustainable home offers you a lot: low energy costs, a contribution to a better environment, living with more comfort and a higher home value. You can arrange financing for sustainable living with us from 3.5% interest, on favorable terms and without expensive advice and closing costs. The loan is often tax-deductible.

Possibilities to finance sustainable living

Making your home more sustainable can cost $ 10,000 - $ 50,000. But not everyone has such a piggy bank ready. What are the financing options to make your home sustainable?

  1. Heat fund: since February 2020 it is possible to take out loans through the Heat fund to make your home more sustainable. Such a heat fund loan is possible up to 25,000 us dollar and has a maximum term of 20 - 30 years. The interest is quite low (around 2%), but the loan amount is limited and the term is quite long.

  2. Another new initiative concerns building-related financing. This loan (currently still a bill) is not deductible and belongs to the house, not to the owner. If the home changes owner, the financing will therefore remain with the home. Owing to this setup, owners experience less urgency to quickly recoup the investment.

  3. Increase mortgage. Do you have a home with equity? Then you may borrow the amount of the equity up to a maximum of 100% of the total value. However, this always involves appraisal, advice and notary costs; these costs can amount to as much as 3,500 us dollars. Moreover, the increase lasts over the long term of a mortgage.

    Anyone who buys a new, already sustainable home can sometimes claim a discount on the mortgage.

  4. Consumptive credit. A consumer such as a Personal Loan can often be the best option for financing sustainable living. A Personal Loan up to and including 25,000 us dollar is cheaper and easier than a mortgage with extra costs (advice, appraisal, notary). In addition, the term of a Personal Loan is tailored to the (economic) life of your investment. An example: you earn back solar panels in about 7 years and the term is adjusted accordingly. In comparison: financing through your mortgage takes 30 years to repay.

What is the average loan amount for sustainable living?

The average loan amount for a sustainable renovation is US $ 25,000 and will be repaid within 10 years.


Financing with a Personal Loan

The Personal Loan is the most popular loan for a sustainable renovation. This is understandable, because this loan offers a lot of security and tax benefits:

  • You know in advance exactly when you have repaid the loan;
  • You benefit from interest deduction if you own your own home;
  • You borrow a fixed amount for your sustainable renovation that you pay off monthly at a fixed low interest rate and good conditions.

Personal loan

Financing sustainable renovation with combination credit

Having an extension placed on your house or renovating your entire home into a sustainable home can be realized with a somewhat higher loan amount. For example with our combination credit : you can take out a loan up to € 150,000. Thanks to this high loan amount, you can create extra living space, renovate your house or make it completely sustainable.

The combination credit consists of two Personal Loans, which are spread out. This means that the risk for the bank is low and therefore you benefit from a low interest rate. The interest on a Personal Loan is tax deductible. The favorable conditions apply for the entire term. You can make additional interim repayments on the loan without penalty so that you reduce your outstanding debt.

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"Expert and fast help with the transfer and merging of our loans and on very favorable terms. New loan with a considerably lower interest rate. Keep it up !!!!"

Posted on: 03-09-2020

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5 Tips for sustainable living

If you want to live more sustainably, you can often do more than you think. What is possible for sustainable living? We give you 5 tips with which you not only save the environment and live cheaper, but also significantly increase the value of your home and your living comfort.

  1. Insulation is the fastest way to immediately save on your energy costs. Close holes and have your roof, cavity walls and facade insulated.

  2. You can save on your heating by replacing your old boiler with an economical new one. Do you already have a new boiler? Then pay attention to the adjustment and adjustment of your boiler.
    A heat pump ensures that you can heat without gas and sometimes even cancel your gas connection. Hybrid heat pumps are also a good option: cheaper to purchase, easy to combine with an HR central heating boiler and you will already save a lot on your energy bill. An ISDE subsidy is even possible for heat pumps.

  3. A healthy indoor environment and sustainable use of materials. A healthy indoor environment is created by good insulation in combination with adequate ventilation. Sustainable, often innovative materials also play an increasingly important role: building blocks made of elephant grass, straw and loam or insulation boards made of hemp, algae or flax. Recycled materials such as used wood and bricks from crushed rubble are also increasingly common. And what about facade panels with room for birds (from the organic construction market)? Even the prevention and separation of waste is part of a smart design for sustainable living.

  4. The outdoor space: roof, garden and balcony. With a green roof you not only make your own home more sustainable (less energy costs, better air quality, better insulation), but you also contribute to a healthier living environment for your neighborhood and to biodiversity.

  5. Solar panels and solar energy. Solar panels on your roof allow you to save considerably on electricity consumption and with a solar water heater the gas bill drops immediately.

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