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Mobile Home Financing

We are receiving more and more requests for financing a mobile home. Do you also want to become the owner of your own mobile home, summer house or chalet in the woods, dunes or on the heath? You can achieve this with a loan that has been specially developed for high loan amounts: our combination credit. This makes it possible to borrow an amount of up to € 150,000.

Borrow money for a mobile home

Calculate how much you can borrow so that you will soon be able to enjoy your own mobile home. With us you do not pay any advice and closing costs and thanks to our digital method , the application process is discreet and confidential . You can apply for the combination credit online and you will then receive an offer from our four partner banks in one overview with all the details at a glance. You then choose the best offer.

Second mortgage or consumer credit?

Financing the mobile home with a mortgage is an option. Do you have equity on your own home? Or do you need to take out a second mortgage? The bank can advise you about the options. Taking out a second mortgage is more difficult than a first. If the bank already decides to provide a second mortgage, this will be up to 75% of the amount required. This reluctance on the part of the bank is due to stricter regulations on mortgage lending. You must finance the remaining 25% for your holiday home or mobile home in another way. This can be done with a loan or with some of your own money.

If you opt for a loan, you are in most cases less expensive than with a mortgage. Taking out a mortgage means extra costs for the broker / appraiser and notary and you have to pay advice and closing costs. You do not have these costs with a loan. Another big difference between a mortgage and a loan is the duration of the term. A mortgage usually has a term of 30 years or longer. The term of a loan is a lot shorter, so you pay interest and repayments over a shorter period. The most ideal situation is that the term of the loan corresponds to the economic life of the mobile home. This prevents you from still paying interest and repayment while the caravan has been written off.

Combination credit

A combination credit is a combined loan consisting of two personal loans. Thanks to this spread of the loans, you can borrow the high amount up to € 150,000. The loans are each placed with a bank. You decide which amount you borrow from which bank. Thanks to this spread, the risk for the bank is small and you benefit from low interest rates and favorable (acceptance) conditions.

Personal loan

If you do not need a high loan amount, you can opt for one personal loan . Just like a combination of credit, this loan form offers security; the interest, term and monthly charges are fixed. You may make additional interim repayments on both the personal loan and the combination credit without penalty .

Request quote

With the help of our loan guide you can make a calculation yourself and see which loan amount you can request and take out. Fill in the quotation form and you will receive a personal proposal based on your data. You make the choice yourself which part of the loan amount you place with which bank. We ensure that the bank pays the amount to you. Have you already taken out a loan for the mobile home but want to switch and use our low interest rate? This can be done free of charge. You can use our online switching service .

Low interest rate fixed term

Optimal security with a fixed interest rate from 3.5% and a fixed term.

Repay penalty free

You can always repay without penalty

Better conditions

Save money with a loan with better conditions.

Low interest

Borrow money cheaply online

Low premium

One of the lowest premiums in the Netherlands.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

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