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Buying a house in Turkey

Invest in a house in Turkey

You can't make a better investment than a second home in Turkey! Due to the fall of the Turkish Lira, this currency has fallen in value by 20%. This automatically means that house prices are falling every day in Turkey.

Holiday home in Turkey

Wanting to buy a holiday home in Turkey is one thing, but how are you going to finance that property? A second mortgage is difficult to obtain for a holiday home or an investment property. Especially when it concerns a house abroad. It is therefore necessary that you finance (part of) the house with your own money.

A consumer credit is an ideal solution to finance your second home in Turkey. The processing of an application for a consumer credit is much faster than with a mortgage. This is nice, because in this market you may need to be able to act quickly. For consumer credit, it makes no difference whether the house is located in the Netherlands or abroad .

In addition, you do not pay any closing and advice costs, nor do you have to deal with appraisal costs or costs for the notary.

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What types of loan are there to finance your second home in Turkey?

You can choose from two types of loan at Snaploan Online to finance your second home. To know:

Loan interest rates are low. You can already take out a loan at an interest rate of 3.5%.

The combination credit allows you to borrow an extra high amount. In the case of a combination credit, we will spread your loan across several partner banks. The risk is spread in this way and this opens up a range of possibilities. It is then even possible to borrow an amount up to € 150,000 at a low interest rate.

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