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Extend or shorten the term of a loan

Variable term interest from 4.5%, fixed term interest from 3.5%

The term of your loan is the period in which your loan is fully repaid. With a Personal Loan you agree on a fixed term. You determine this on the basis of your loan wishes and personal situation. However, those wishes and your circumstances may change during the term. In that case, you can choose to extend or shorten the term of your loan.

Borrow with a shorter term

Have you started to earn more after taking out your loan? Then it may be interesting to opt for a loan with a shorter term. The shorter the term of your loan, the sooner you will be debt-free again. Of course, you pay a higher amount per month than with a longer term. But your loan has been paid off earlier. And that means saving money because you pay interest over a shorter period of time.

Borrow with a longer term

Do lower monthly costs better suit your current personal situation? Then extending the term of your loan may be sensible. Borrowing with a longer term means lower monthly costs. Especially if you can switch your loan to a loan at a lower interest rate. This is immediately reflected in lower monthly costs. Of course, you will spend longer on repaying your loan. But borrowing with a longer term can give you exactly the financial breathing space you need.

Borrowing with a fixed or variable term

A fixed term is part of a Personal Loan. This means you know exactly when you have repaid the loan. A Revolving Credit works differently. The end date of your credit is not fixed. You can withdraw repaid amounts again. This has a direct effect on the term of your loan. You can also repay your credit extra without penalty, so that you are debt-free sooner.

Low interest rate fixed term

Optimal security with a fixed interest rate from 3.5% and a fixed term.

Low interest variable term

Flexibility with a variable interest rate from 4.5% and a variable term

What kind of term

Variable or fixed term? What suits your situation? Check it out here

Repay penalty free

A Personal Loan can always be repaid without penalty.

Fixed term

You know in advance exactly when you will pay off the loan.

Variable duration

You always have extra money on hand.

Current interest rates

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