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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Unique! Borrow money with a "customer satisfaction guarantee"

Money back guarantee!

At Snaploan Online we are convinced of the quality of our services. We strive for a customer satisfaction rate of 100% and make this happen! That is why we can offer our customers this extra security: The customer satisfaction guarantee!

Are you not satisfied with our service, speed, products, interest or the bank where your loan has been taken out through us? Then you can reverse the assignment without cancellation costs within 6 months.

1: Always the lowest interest

The banks we work with are among the cheapest in the Netherlands. Thanks to their cooperation with partners like us and our online working method, we both save a lot of costs. This way you can borrow money cheaper. We can therefore also guarantee that if you borrow through us, you borrow at the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands!

2: No additional costs

We work according to the 'execution only' principle: a way of borrowing money that is very suitable for people who know what they are looking for and who themselves know the risks of borrowing money. It means that we do not give advice. This allows us to make you a cheaper offer and you do not pay any closing and advice costs.

3: Completely without obligation

You can instruct us to request a quote for you from our partner banks without obligation. You will receive the offer from our partner banks within a few hours, at which point you can instruct us to draw up a contract or to decline the offer.

4: Not satisfied, money back!

You can get rid of your loan without additional costs because we reimburse the following:

  • The penalty interest (1 percent) that you may have to pay to transfer or repay your loan.
  • Agency fee ($ 79) you paid for the term life insurance.
  • You never pay consultancy costs and / or closing costs with us.

What do we not reimburse?

  • The interest already charged.
  • The premium already charged.

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