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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Transfer loan to cheaper bank

How much you pay for your loan varies per bank. Not just because interest rates vary. There is also a difference in the costs that banks incur. For example, the large banks have higher costs than online lenders. You will see this reflected in your monthly costs. Transferring your loan to a cheaper bank can therefore save you a lot of money.

Transfer loan to another bank

When taking out your loan, you naturally chose the most advantageous loan. But it also pays to compare loans over the term. Perhaps you can borrow cheaper from another bank, at a lower interest rate or with better conditions. Transferring your loan to another bank can then be sensible. This way you avoid paying too much unnecessarily.

Save on your current loan by

Low interest rate fixed term

Optimal security with a fixed interest rate from 3.5% and a fixed term.

Low interest variable term

Flexibility with a variable interest rate from 4.5% and a variable term

Better conditions

Save money with a loan with better conditions.

No additional costs

No appraisal, notary, closing and advice costs.

Specialized banks

Borrow money responsibly from a reputable bank .

Current interest rates

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