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Refinancing loan

Do you want to refinance your existing loan? Many people are currently taking advantage of the historically low interest rates after refinancing their loan. With us you can refinance your expensive loans or have them transferred to one clear loan with better conditions. Do you now benefit from a tax benefit with your loan for your home or residual debt? In that case, this interest deduction will simply be retained after the refinancing of your loan. The closing date of your original loan determines which tax rules apply to you. Also after refinancing. This prevents unpleasant tax consequences after refinancing your loan. A nice extra, especially now that you can refinance your loan so cheaply.

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Important change with regard to tax deductibility of residual debt financing since 1-1-2018. You can continue to finance your residual debt with the low interest rates of a personal loan or revolving credit, but the interest costs are NO longer tax-deductible as was the case until December 31, 2017. This is a decision by the government.

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Refinance residual debt through Personal Loan

Co-financing your residual debt in your new mortgage is not always possible. Refinancing your residual debt with a loan is a good alternative. You will receive the amount in your account at once with which you can fully pay off your residual debt. You pay a fixed low interest rate for a fixed term and can always make extra repayments in between penalty-free. Unlike with a mortgage, you do not pay any appraisal, closing, notary and advice costs when transferring your residual debt with a Personal Loan.

Refinancing of expensive loans through Personal Loan

You can transfer your (expensive) loan (s) to one clear loan with a decent interest rate and good conditions. You choose the best for a Personal Loan. Your loans will be repaid in one go with your new Personal Loan, any remaining amount will be paid to you in one go. You pay a fixed low interest rate for a fixed term and can always make extra repayments in between penalty-free.

Lower interest on remittances

Interest has fallen sharply recently. You can already borrow for the historically low interest rate from 3.5% with a loan of US $ 50,000. Have you had one or more loan (s) for a long time? Then there is a good chance that you pay too much and can refinance your loan at a lower interest rate. A lower refinancing rate can save you a lot of money: because you pay less interest, you have lower monthly costs and your loan can sometimes even be paid off earlier. With us you can calculate how much you can save and request a quote immediately.

Why borrow from us?

  • Lowest fixed interest from 3.5%
  • With 1 application a complete and realistic range of 5 banks, which you really qualify for
  • 100% online, and therefore cheaper than the big banks
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Money back guarantee!

Tips for refinancing your (expensive) loan

  1. Have multiple loans merge into one loan. If you have 'accumulated' several loans along the way, you are probably paying way too much interest. Many people make use of installment purchases, revolving credit, credit card debt, overdraft, et cetera. Check carefully how many credits you have and what they cost you each month. Interest rates are high, often 10% (until recently even 14%!). That can be done differently and much cheaper. Namely by having different loans merge and transfer to one clear Personal Loan. With a much lower interest rate and better conditions.

  2. Benefit now from the lowest interest rate in years. Interest on loans, credits and mortgages has continued to decline in recent years. At the moment we even offer a historically low interest rate - you can already borrow at an interest rate of 3.6% with an amount of 50,000 us dollars. That is the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands for Personal Loans. By way of comparison: less than 2 years ago, the interest rate was still well above 4%. That saves you hundreds of euros per year, just in interest. So if you want to refinance your loans, now is a good time. Especially since the low interest rate remains fixed for the entire term of the loan.

  3. Compare providers. When it comes to good money, you don't want to go overnight. Therefore, inquire well with various providers what it costs to have your loan refinanced, refinancing or to have loans merged. Sometimes you have to pay for the transfer. Or the interest is still quite high. So always make a good comparison before you refinance your loan (s) in one go. You can also compare the interest, term and conditions with us. We will transfer your loans for you free of charge!

Benefits of Refinancing

Low interest rate fixed term

Optimal security with a fixed interest rate from 3.5% and a fixed term.

Better conditions

Save money with a loan with better conditions.

No additional costs

No appraisal, notary, closing and advice costs.

Specialized banks

Borrow money responsibly from a reputable bank .

Current interest rates

Request a quote without obligation