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Financing penalty interest

Borrow money to finance your penalty interest

Refinance your mortgage and take advantage of the historically low interest rates. That's a smart move that will save you a lot of money. But you usually have to pay a fine. You can pay this penalty interest in installments or repay it in one go with your own money or a loan. Discover the possibilities here.

Pay a fine in one go

It is always cheapest to pay the transfer fine in one go. You can finance the penalty interest with your own money or with a loan. If you are curious about whether a loan is a good option for you, we will be happy to make an offer. We work 100% digitally and always offer one of the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands. For this we work together with specialized partner banks. Our offer is without obligation and you often receive it in your inbox the same day.

Pay penalty interest in installments

If you want to pay the fine in installments, you can opt for interest-rate averaging at some banks. You must therefore take out your new mortgage with your current bank. The costs of breaking open your mortgage are divided over the new fixed-rate period.

So if you pay 5% interest and interest is 3% right now, after the interest averaging, you will pay about 4% interest. That seems like a nice saving, but in reality you are still paying too much interest. Partly because the penalty-free part of your mortgage sometimes lapses and banks charge hefty interest surcharges, so that you pay much more than the minimum interest.


Most people opt for a Personal Loan if they want to borrow money for the penalty interest. An example: suppose you reduce your mortgage payments from € 1,800 to € 800 by refinancing your mortgage. The loan for the penalty interest costs € 300 per month during the term of 5 years. Despite the costs for the loan, you immediately save € 700 per month. And after five years that will even be € 1000.

With a credit you can therefore immediately take advantage of a new affordable mortgage, without having to depend on expensive interest averaging. Request a no-obligation quote today.

Personal loan

Most people opt for a Personal Loan to finance the penalty interest. With a Personal Loan, you borrow a fixed amount at a fixed interest. This way you will never be faced with surprises. The term is also fixed and you pay the same amount in repayment and interest every month. So you know exactly when you are debt-free. With us you can already take out a Personal Loan from 3.5%.

Revolving credit

Of course you can always opt for a Continuous Credit . People who opt for a Revolving Credit often want to combine several loan purposes in one loan or do not yet know exactly how much money they need. With a Revolving Credit you always have extra money on hand, without having to withdraw everything. You also only pay interest on the amount that you actually withdraw. With us you can already take out a Revolving Credit from 4.5%.

Are you still unsure which loan is best for you? Use our online loan guide and discover it immediately.

Why and how much penalty interest?

If you refinance your mortgage or loan, you often have to pay a refinancing penalty. Banks charge such a fine because they miss out on income. The amount depends on the remaining term of your current loan or mortgage. You pay a maximum of 0.5% if you have less than 12 months to go and a maximum of 1% if your mortgage has been in effect for more than 12 months. Fortunately, a transfer usually yields more money than the fine costs.

Read more about how to finance the fine.

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